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Lightbulb Ford Transit w/Premium Van Pkg, many/most options, lightweight camper conversion

i’ve decided to sell my van so i can put the funds towards purchasing land where i can build a small home or park a tiny home on. i didn’t end up using it nearly as much as i thought i would. i took it on a couple trips north in the summers, and on some shorter trips around florida (where i live). if you can’t make it down here to pick it up, i’d be happy to drive it anywhere in the united states to deliver it to you (if you cover the cost of gas and airfare back).

i special ordered this van from Ford to be custom built last year. i did a lot of research and went on multiple test drives before deciding on this combo. i’m working on writing a long, detailed article on why i chose this van and can copy/paste the link to it later. it’s a bit of a rare + unique van to have everything it has.

the van has less than 18,000 miles (as of end of december 201. it does pretty well on gas mileage when loaded with gear + the build. the whole time i’ve had it, i’ve manually calculated the overall mileage to be just over 18 mpg, and have seen as high as 25.7 mpg with cruise control at 50 mph, around 24.5 mpg at 57 mph, and 21 mpg at 65 mph (this includes being stuck in stop-and-go traffic for a little while).

here’s a quick tour of it. i’ll be posting a much longer and more detailed video very soon (its got a couple hours of rendering to go and then will have a 22-24 hour long trip to make it to youtube’s servers). if you’re not interested in any or all of the build as you rather make your own floorplan layout (or use the van for work, a higher end build, etc), i can take everything out if you prefer.

the build itself has the following features:

— Nature’s Head Compost Toilet in separate bathroom area
— plastic shower “tub” with wooden slats (with many coatings for protection) and drain plumbed in (needs shower curtain + solar shower bag to be hung)
— full size dual kitchen sink (installed on real wood countertop) with small faucet that runs off a Whale Gusher Galley Mk3 foot pump (which works quite well and saves on water compared to an electric pump)
— queen size bed memory foam mattress (a corner at the feet side has been cut (and can work as a cushion against the wall) to give more room for bathroom)
— Dometic CFX-50US CoolFreeze Portable Electric Compressor Cooler Refrigerator/Freezer (holds 50L or 1.8 cu ft, has low power draw, and runs off 12V or 120V)
— Marinco Nicro Ventilation 4″ Day/Night Solar Vent model # N20804W (has rechargeable battery and a light)
— breathable closet for hanging lots of clothes
— removable hanging storage shelf
— pantry / storage cabinet with three shelves
— always on 12V outlets
— string lights
— curtains for privacy
— lockable storage under bed
— 26 gallon fresh water tank with rv-type water hatch for filling
— access to interior from cab / sliding door / rear doors can be locked off when dropping off van for service, valet, etc. (the longer video will explain how this works and have a couple of photos)
— the only holes drilled into any part of the van were for plumbing + ventilation (and were done by someone with professional plumbing + construction experience). the main structure is held in place at the cargo tie-down points (and some smaller parts are attached via rivnuts using pre-existing holes).

here are all the options / specs that were special ordered / came from Ford:

— 2017 Ford Transit-150 Van XL
— Medium Roof
— Long Wheelbase (148″)
— 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 Engine (275 H.P.)
— 6-Speed Automatic Overdrive with SelectShift Transmission
— 8600 GVWR
— 3.73 Limited Slip Axle Ratio
— Oxford White exterior
— Premium Package – Van
— Exterior Upgrade Package
— CNG/Propane Gaseous Engine Prep Package (includes hardened engine intake and exhaust valves and valve seats)
— Modified Vehicle Wiring System
— Privacy Glass
— Rear-Window Defogger
— Wheel Well Liners
— AutoLamp with Rain-Sensing Wipers
— Rear Bumper – Black
— Spare Tire and Wheel (includes 4 ton jack and tool kit)
— Perimeter Alarm
— SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) with engine immobilizer
— Reverse Sensing System (Reverse Park Aid)
— Dual Heavy-Duty Batteries (70 amp-hours each, Absorbed Glass Mat)
— Heavy-Duty Alternator
— Fixed Rear-Door Glass and Fixed Driver and Passenger Side Cargo-Door Glass
— Short-Arm Power Mirrors
— 16-inch Steel Wheels with Full Silver Wheel Cover
— 235/65R16C 121/119 R BSW All-Season Tires
— Dual Sliding Doors
— Pewter interior
— Leather
— MyKey
— Level 2 Instrument Cluster
— Front and Rear Vinyl Floor Covering (Complete)
— Dual Vinyl Sun Visors with Illuminated Vanity Mirror
— Cruise Control with Message Center
— 6 Speakers (4 Front / 2 Rear)
— Auxiliary Fuse Box (with High Spec Interface Connector)
— High-Capacity Upfitter Switches
— AM/FM Stereo with SYNC (with 4″ multi-function display, Single-CD, USB port, steering wheel controls)
— Pewter Grey Leather, 10-Way Power Driver and Front-Passenger Seats
— Front License Plate Bracket
— 50 State Emissions
— Keys 2 Additional (4 total)
— Chrome Grille + Grille Surround + Headlamp trim
— Air Conditioning – Front
— Center Console
— Cargo Hooks
— Powerpoints – 12V (3 total)
— Power Locks and Windows
— Power Steering
— 25.0 Gallon Fuel Tank
— Rear View Camera
— Driver/Passenger Air Bags
— Airbags – Side Air Curtains
— 3 Point Safety Belts
— 4-Wheel Disc Brakes w/ABS
— AdvanceTrac w/RSC (Roll Stability Control)
— Tire Pressure Monitor System
— Load Area Protection Package (Full Height)

the cost to order the van alone with everything this one has would be $45k with tax/tag/fees/etc and would take several weeks to be built, a few weeks to be delivered, and then several more weeks to build out (and possibly a good number of weeks to research). this van is available today and would save you months of waiting and working. i’m open to reasonable offers from anyone interested in buying it. if the forum requires a price, i'll say $40k for it and its yours.

please share with anyone who might be interested.

to purchase the van, please contact me at:

** updates below **

here is a link to the full tour video with some thoughts on why i chose the van:

here’s the long detailed article i’ve written about why i chose the van (and specific options when special ordering a custom built van) and go into lots of details about the build (and compare my experience to the previous truck camper i had), fuel economy experience, etc:

to see all photos, videos, and writing about the van, please visit this link:

i didn’t mention above that the van still has plenty of the factory warranty left from Ford.

*** UPDATE below regarding Price & Value ***

i had someone mention the NADA value, and had a look at the NADA guide online. it didn’t show most of the options my van has (as its only showing the wagon version of the van, not the cargo one that has everything available and built a-la-carte). i looked at KBB’s pricing online and it shows from $28k to over $30k for a similar Transit in good to excellent condition, though with only some of the options. the website is missing a lot of options i have, like the Limited Slip Differential, Dual Heavy-Duty Batteries, Heavy Duty Alternator, CNG/Propane prep package, Windows with Privacy Glass on both sliding doors + rear doors, Level 2 Instrument Cluster (which starting in 2018 is only is available when spending ~$2k on Navigation), High Capacity Upfitter Switches, Auxiliary Fuse box with High Spec Interface Connector, Modified Vehicle Wiring System, Wheel Well Liners, AutoLamp with Rain-sensing wipers, extra set of keys, etc. if you look at all the options that KBB is missing on Ford’s online van builder, you’ll see it’s about $3k worth. even figuring they’re not worth the full value on a pre-owned van, you’re still looking at spending into the $30k’s if you were to find another used van with everything this one has.

as i mentioned above, if you enter everything my van has into Ford’s online builder, you’ll see it’s over $40k, and by the time you add taxes, title, tag, dealer fees, etc, you’d be at $45k to buy a new one out-the-door (or closer to $47k if you wanted the upgraded dashboard instrument cluster as it now only comes with the expensive Navigation feature). yes, you could probably get it for a bit less than that if incentives are available, though it’s still gonna cost a good bit by the time you add everything and it would take you months to special order + weeks/months to build out a new van with everything mine has [it’s very unlikely you’ll find another van with all the options mine has sitting on a dealer lot, new or used]. also keep in mind that my van already has all the options it does, and that adding some things afterwards would cost way more for a Ford dealer to order and professionally install than to special order at time of the factory build.

i forgot to add to the list above that both the power leather seats are heated.

on top of the van price, the components + parts + materials alone for the camper conversion build cost a few thousand dollars, not counting thousands of dollars worth of time and labor to research + build + install. i know the labor part is harder to calculate the exact value, though if you’d do it yourself, figure how much money could you earn working multiple jobs full time from the time you woke up until the time you went to sleep every day for a few weeks or couple months straight, or how much would it cost to hire someone to build a camper van out (and consider how long might you have to wait if its a builder that has a long waiting time, like some that would have months of orders ahead of yours). keep in mind that if hiring a professional builder, they may have minimum build levels and i think some easily start at $20k-$30k just for the build cost (on top of whatever the van you choose costs). the other option to get a camper van would be to purchase a class b rv, though these typically cost at least 2 to 3 times the price of a new van, and can have so much in them that the extra weight will affect performance and mileage (and some models have unhealthy materials that off-gas into the small enclosed space you’re sleeping and living).

the value and cost to purchase a new van with everything mine has and with all the components + parts would be over $50k not counting incentives/deals though also not including any of the weeks of time + labor to build it (which could be a good bit).

i’ll accept $40k for my van with everything in it, and can consider driving it to you (or keeping it somewhere safe here) if you’re unable to come get it right away. i’ll also consider any reasonable offers (somewhere in the $30k’s) for it.

if you want the empty van without any of the components or build, i could take everything out and sell the van to you for $33k.

if you already have a van and are only interested in the components + what i built out in my van, i could remove everything out of my van and sell it all to you for $9k so you can use in your van.
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i’ve had some interest, though some potential buyers are out of town and i haven’t received a deposit yet. to sell the van quicker, i’m lowering the price:

for $35k you can have the van with everything in the build
— if that’s too much, i can go down to $32k for the van and take out some or all of the components of the build

i think these prices are quite fair, especially for a van with a very unique configuration of options (that would need to be special ordered to find another one like it with many of the options it has). per KBB, the same size Transit van in similar condition + mileage (but with $3k less in options compared to this one) sells for just over $30k. special ordering a new one with everything this has would cost $45k+ and take months to get. the camper build components + parts would cost a few thousand dollars to buy (not counting weeks or months of time and labor to research, build, and get everything to fit and work together in the small space).

FINANCING — if you don’t have the cash readily available to use or borrow, i can help you come up with creative ideas for financing. for example, when i bought the van, i withdrew funds from CD savings and also did a 0% balance transfer for 18 months that only had a 3% transaction fee. this ended up being less than auto loan interest rates would’ve been.

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Arrow *** update: LOWER PRICE options ***

-- $33,500 for the van with everything except the refrigerator and mattress

-- or $33,000 if you buy before my insurance policy is up for renewal (beginning of next month)

-- $31,500 for the empty van without the camper build components
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Lightbulb camper van interior photos

here are a few photos of the interior camper conversion build.. to see many more photos, please visit this link:
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i've created a very long video with details of how i built the van. here's a link to it:

all photos, videos, writing, and details about the van can be found at this link:

van | Mark Marano

the van is currently still available for sale.

please share with anyone who may be interested.
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how much for the van with just the sink and fridge?
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Originally Posted by Eglo Stelaria Chrome View Post
how much for the van with just the sink and fridge?
i've already sold the fridge separately. i can help you find + install the same model that'll fit perfectly in the spot under the sink.

i could sell the van with the sink (including whole water system: foot pump, 26 gallon water tank, rv filling hatch, faucet, plumbing, countertop, build structure for these) for $32,250. that'll also include the roof + floor ventilation and power outlets for fridge, lights, etc. i can remove everything else pretty quickly (same day you buy it).
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UPDATE: i received a deposit for the van and the sale is pending until the buyer can make it down here to pick it up. the buyer is only purchasing the van empty so he can build his own setup into it.

** the build structure and parts are available for sale ** i've already sold the compost toilet and refrigerator (and will be leaving the vent in the roof of the van). everything else is available for sale, either as the whole setup or as parts. if you get all of the build structure, i can help you install it your Transit if you like. (if you have another van, i could help you figure out what needs to be modified, but can't guarantee it will all fit in easily)
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Default just missed it

let me know if that deposit falls through! i'd love to take it. sorry i'm late to the party.
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Originally Posted by sbmoney View Post
let me know if that deposit falls through! i'd love to take it. sorry i'm late to the party.
i'll keep you posted if it happens to still be available, though he's pretty serious and will be here in two weeks to pick it up.

either way, he's only getting the empty van -- if you get another Transit (or similar van), i could sell all the camper build-out parts and help you install them.

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conversion van, custom build, custom van, ford transit, lightweight

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