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Default Class B vs Condo

Anyone have a condo or timeshare horror story to help me feel better about purchasing a RV that is going to depreciate year after year?

I know people that own vacation condos or they are involved in timeshares but...I don't feel comfortable asking them if they have any regrets.

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Owning the RV allows you to travel where and when you want to go - that condo will remain; the timeshare might be the type that allows you to go to a certain place each time. If you have a timeshare that allows choosing, you go to a new place, but that is it. When I had my '05 190, bought new, we run all over the country, no plans - head out and find your way! In '08, when the bottom had fallen out of the real estate in FL, we picked a super cheap buy on a home; then it was FL and VA, and rarely elsewhere...and the Trek was nothing more than the conveyance to and from FL. We dumped it, sold the '05 and bought a new '15 - no regrets. Just my two cents, Ron

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We were given a timeshare as a gift from my parents around 20 years ago. We owned it for about 5 years. It was on the opposite side of the country from where we lived, so most years we traded it for somewhere more convenient.

When you added up the fees to trade and the annual maintenance fees, you could stay at a pretty nice hotel in the same location. It took us a few years to realize just what a bad deal it was, and in the end we just gave it back to the timeshare company that ran the resort, just to get out from under it.

I would NEVER recommend timeshare ownership to anyone...
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We purchased our condo in Cracow almost 15 years ago, close to the downtown and to the airport. It is a great launch pad to travel in EU, a couple hours to Rome or Paris. It is a very different and not really comparable experience than camping in NA.

I am not sure we would get a condo nor a timeshare in NA, too close to B-class camping experience.

So, for us condo’s location was a critical element in the decision process. I am not sure about the timeshare option.
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We had a beach condo for 16 years. Tired of M fees, taxes and assessments. One assessment was 30K a few years ago! Sold it this spring, paid off the mortgage on our primary residence and purchased a new class b which we paid cash for. One of the best decisions we’ve made! I of course knew it would depreciate immediately. However it has opened up a world of opportunity that wasn’t really feasible/justifiable with the condo. I would never ever own a timeshare.
We just returned from an awesome trip to Co and NM and have more trips planned. It will continue to depreciate and I’m okay with that. These is a cost to everything. I just don’t buy what I can’t afford. Good luck on your decision!
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We've rolled up 80,000 miles in 3 years. I feel a bit sad for the folks who buy these wonderful vehicles, then let them sit, especially when the reason is involuntary.
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We've had both timeshare and B and they are good for different reasons. We bought our beach-front timeshare 25 years ago and we are just now getting ready to sell/give it away. We lived in the desert so a week at the beach (Oceanside, CA) for the family was something we looked forward to year after year. Because we always went to the same place, we got to know our way around - best grocery stores, restaurants, sights, etc. Maintenance fees (about $650/year now) and the purchase price ($2,500) were far less than staying in a hotel suite and the quality of the accommodations has always been pretty good.

Now the kids are gone and they can't get to the timeshare or they can't get the same time off work so we are going to let it go. We bought a B for just the two of us because we now have more than one week of vacation each year and we don't need space for a whole family.

I've heard lots of timeshare horror stories so guess we were just lucky.

I figure if we keep our B for 5 years (very likely), it will probably depreciate $5K per year. I didn't buy either one as an investment.
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Default RV vs...

I far prefer RVs because condos are too difficult to maneuver and park.
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I have a beachfront condo in Maine and an older (1994) Sportsmobile class B. I love them both! In the summer I rent my condo for top dollar, and then camp on the cheap in the Sportsmobile at oceanfront campgrounds. . My condos awesome, but theirs nothing like a campfire on a star-lit night!
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We've owned a time share condo since 1980. We love it, although it seems that out of the several locations at our disposal we tend to use the Maui location exclusively. As they say "Maui no ka oi" (the best!) The total cost per year is about the same a renting a cheaper, not as nice condo on the island. Our beach front time share is spotless, refurbished on a regular basis and the grounds are beautiful and well maintained . We get one week/yr and are able to bank 3 weeks at a time. Between the time share (3 weeks on Maui every 3 years) and our 2015 RT SS Agile we seem to have all the bases covered. Retired since 2016.

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