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Default Re: money pit?

as for the generator or not issue. For me I have always planned on boondocking at times. Maybe on a long trip every other night so something like that. Also for me AC is a must. So to get AC while boondocking I had to have a genny. No question about it. Believe me I have used it.

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Default Re: money pit?

We bought ours new, so I went for the options of generator, tv, etc. The generator is great when your boondocking, the shower is a nice touch also, escpecially for the wife; we have the one outside and I have used it - great. On another point in favor of the generator, we were visiting a daughter and their power went down, of course in the winter months!! We run power from our Trek to their home and they could have a light and a couple of electric oil-filled radiators - priceless. Although we don't travel as much as prior years, you couldn't take this vehicle away from us. Safe travels.

Ron J. Moore
'15 RT210P
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Default Re: money pit?

Originally Posted by gablesgal
Thanks so much to everyone who posted a reply on my money pit question. All of the replies were thoughtful and helpful. I, in no way, meant to ask anyone to respond as to 'financial advice' - just your personal thoughts on cost vs. enjoyment. I think I definitely have my answer. )) Now, any thoughts on generators vs. no generators and showers vs. no showers? Some people with these say they never use them. What about all of you out there who've been the miles?

And, thanks again for all your input. Can anyone tell I'm a 'researcher' by nature. ha!
For me, a generator is a must. I like the additional layer of power/energy security it provides.
The benefits out weigh the liabilities. They can be finnicky. But when they're working, they're
worth their weight in gold to run stuff, when you can't plug your van into A/C shore power, or
you need more than your house batteries can provide, like air conditioning, or the microwave.

Here' s a link about showers, lots of pros and cons and opinions. We don't use our on board, and
get along OK, but there are some minor problems and disadvantages associated with using public
It's not a sprint(er) (unless you make it one), it's (hopefully) a marathon.
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Default Re: money pit?

I was the guy that answered the poll a long time ago by saying I would never get a generator. I now have one in the 2010 PW Excel and things have changed. We travel so much now that I would not be without a genny. I use it to run the air when the wife is shopping and I am reading, napping, or watching t.v. in the palace. We use the genny everytime we clean the MH to run the vacuum cleaner. We use it while on the road to run the half time oven to warm things up....the list goes on.
As for the shower: We use the shower all the time. It is easy to clean or dry and better than not having one.

Steve and Lisa
Guelph Ontario
2010 Pleasure Way Excel
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Default Re: money pit?

I'm a genny devotee since we've gone high tech with the van.. I added a full trip computer for navigation and maintenance logging. It's even got a repairs manual installed so I can quickly search for info. The inverters do a good job of powering one or two things but when we are both busy doing stuff the genny is a MUST have so there's no bickering about who's using the power. Plus after the upgrades we were so worried about security that I added a setup that would make some home security systems look humble! I guess you really don't care about tracking a stolen house or getting information from a house remotely as much?

I've never tried a portable shower! The closest we came to it was one of those black bag hanging sprinkle showers, and that was the most pointless thing I'd ever seen. You either finish the bag feeling soapy or still not clean. Plus it was either too hot or too cold, never the right temperature.
Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get.
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Default Re: money pit?

Well, not abnormal for us at all, but most all of everyone's answers are contrary to how things apply to Heidi and I. Of course that just supports the statement that people are different and how their B fits into their life is really going to impact each answer to the questions asked. Heidi and I full time in our B so yes, financially it was a wise move and great investment. We no longer have all the bills associated with a fixed residence and the stuff required to support it. We no longer need another car or otherwise, our lives have become very simple and enjoyable. Cost of entry for us was much lower than typical also. I found an amazing deal on a 97 RT for under $5K with 117,000 miles. Now after many upgrades, I have around $12K into including original price. Pretty hard to feel bad about those numbers given it has been our very comfortable home for over 2 years now.

More varied data for you. We use our highly customized shower all the time! We did before the mods as well. We just have always preferred it.

We never have needed the AC and don't have a generator. All our other 110V needs come from a 2500 watt Xantrex Prosine inverter or shore power when available. We have 220 AH of AGM battery bank that stores plenty of energy for our needs. Between that and LP, the genny has never been missed!

We definitely don't fit the normal parameters of a B user, but it is more data that hopefully you can use to make your decisions. We will never get rid of our B as long as we can keep her running and the thought of living any other way makes us cringe! This my friends is a great lifestyle! Any info you may be interested in learning about us is probably found easily on our blog. The addy is in my Sig.

Hope that helps!

-Mike & Heidi
97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"
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Default Re: money pit?

We have just returned from a 2 week trip to Yellowstone in our new to us RT that we bought in March this year. Our last "motel room on wheels" was a TT and we had a wet bath/shower in it and had purchased a generator to use the TT while boon docking. Not wanting to pull a TT anymore we went with the B and love it. After having the "luxuries" we would never be without them again. We used our generator and shower everyday on our trip to Yellowstone. They come in handy when you park overnight in a parking lot or parks that have no hookups.
Jim & Darlene, Ewok our Llasa
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Default Re: money pit?

We were just in Yellowstone a few weeks ago, too, on the 12 of September.
There was a buffalo just walking along the side of the roadway into the park
from the entrance, well past the reservoir/lake. Like he owned the place.
YS reminded us of lots of other parks, including Yosemite and RMNP.
I guess they're sort of in the same neck of the woods, so maybe it's not surprising to some.
Impressive, none the less.

It's not a sprint(er) (unless you make it one), it's (hopefully) a marathon.
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