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Default Re: Pleasure Way

My wife and I just bought a 2009 Pleasureway Ford excell. We put on 700Ks bringing it home. It ran good. Got 15mpg on first run. We will be going again next week to BC for a week or so.

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Default 2005 plaesure way

Husband and I are looking at a 2005 pleasure way excel Rd with a v10. We are concerned that this I a very big engine. Did they make v8s in that year and should we look for a v8? It has 94000km on it. Thanks

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I assume the standard engine is the V8 for that or any year. I had a 99 Ford truck with the V10. It is a great engine especially for heavily loaded vehicles. It will likely get a little less gas mileage. If the floorplan and vehicle is what you like and the price is right, then I would not let the V10 keep you from getting it.
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Gas is a small part of the overall cost. You'll lose more in the first year depreciation then the difference you'll pay in gas for a 10 mpg vehicle.
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If I could find a recent (2010-2013 PW Excel) with the V-10, I'd go for it. It has been around so long, that almost all the bugs have been worked out.

Those Ford modular Triton engines had their teething problems with spark plugs, but I've read no horror stories about any vehicle with one made in the past 5-10 years.
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I consider the ford a gas- hog...we used rental Ford 15 pass vans for a work project and they were thirsty.

so I have the Chevrolet based PW Lexor ( 2006 model).
I think the drivetrain is well sized for the weight of the van ( 8000 pounds +) and we can count on 15 MPG.
we have a 6.0L.
some other models use the 4.8L- I have that in my pick up and it is marginal for extra weight

another big driver for the GMC is that I am more familiar with the layout...I already know it;s a 15mm wrench for the sepentine uses the same oil and filters as my pick up....just easier for me.

If you are looking used, you will have no flexibility as to motor selection, but hopefully you will find a good selection of B's.

We bought our PW a year ago and I am very happy with the build quality of the coach-
we bought it at 80000 miles- about 125000 kms- and it was well taken care of by the original owner.
it is easy to drive and park- this summer we went from Phoenix to Ottawa in a big loop- about 15000 kms
my wife has done solo trips to California beaches.

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I did my first fill up when traveling and I average 10.5. I expect to up that average if I do flatlands as this was a lot of steep,grades crossing mountain passes. But in a 23' RV no worry about going slow up a grade. Easily maintain 55-60.
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I will comment about inside of Pleasure-Way.
We have a 2008 Ford Excel (not a Sprinter). I like the bathroom because it has a counter so there is someplace to put things down for a minute. It was hard to adjust to the tiny shower but if you sit down to shower it is roomier (wall slants in at top) and works much better.
We like the couch with ottomans because you can have a king size or 2 half twins which make it is easier to get in and out of bed. The couch is very relaxing place to sit and we often leave the tiny table (instead of big one) set up all day. If you are tall, whatever else you do make sure you lie down in the bed to see if you fit. My husband is only 5'11" and we almost bought a different van where he wouldn't have been able to lie flat!!
I love that the passenger seat turns around I have a comfy place to read without bothering my husband if he goes to bed early. The kitchen has more counter space than our previous Class C RV.
I don't like the under counter refrigerator. I am getting too old to easily squat down to look for something in fridge. If I am loading or cleaning fridge I pull out my folding stool which I also use as a footrest for passenger seat. Using the bathroom when the floor was wet was a problem. Now, after showering we put a carpet square back in but underneath it we put a kitchen sink mat that has holes in it to help the floor dry while keeping the carpet dry.
We added a generator which was probably a waste of money because we mostly are travelling. It can run an air conditioner but in most parks there are restricted times for using it (noisy). If you have electricity you don't need it. However, I guess it will be helpful when the earthquake comes as long as nothing lands on the van!!
We have contacted Pleasure-Way many times about confusing issues (eg baby carseats allowed) and they have always answered immediately and been very helpful.
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we have had our 94 pleasureway stw for about 2 years and even though it is 20+ years old and sitting at 120 thousand miles it runs and drives great and fit and finish has held up amazingly well over the years.
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I posted a longer thread (waiting for moderator approval) but since You are in CA & interested in PW - I'll share here too ........

I found a '15 Plateau @ the same dealer's other location = Sacramento, CA.
It was on-sale and since it was on the Sprinter chassis, I went to see it yesterday.
It's also a new 2015 leftover - well appointed - but the layout did not work for me. It was very tempting because of the price was so attractive = $105k

So in the spirit of Paying it Forward, just sharing in case someone is looking for a PW Plateau and have not seen this deal.

2015 PLEASURE WAY MP Stock: 60530 | Happy Daze RV's

and the Lexor TS - if you prefer that one also on sale

Really good guy I met Tues = Galen Carle - business #s in 2nd link or cell (209) 662-4817
other salesperson I met yesterday (arranged by Galen) Franceska Barker - business #s in 1st link or cell (541) 261-6431

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