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I am looking at purchasing 2016 PW lexor ts. Can someone tell me what issues if any they are having with the black tank dumping. I have read the connection is difficult because it is so low to the ground? Also what hose is best for this MH?


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can't help you- my PW is a 2006 model on a Chev, with a gravity dump.

It works.

the PW yahoo group requires a VIN to join.

There is some good info there but I have my own problems with yahoo and security, so I don;t use it anymore.
The formatting of their forums is screwy too, hard to find anything or get around.


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You mention the PW Group at Yahoo, and their requiring a Vin to join. When I first started looking back in '03, eventually I found the Roadtrek and PW Groups. Like others, I wanted their knowledge and recommendations before buying. The Roadtrek Group was great and no requirement of a Vin or other such nonsense. When PW displayed the Vin junk, I knew I would never own one, and now I am on my second RT. Maybe they dont want folks hearing their situations!
Ron J. Moore
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Ron, while I agree that this closed FB and Yahoo group requiring a VIN is crazy, I think it's unfair to blame Pleasure-Way the company for what this discussion group does. Folks are free to start their own groups/forum if they like. I wouldn't be surprised if that hasn't already happened on FB.
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the the yahoo group isn;t run by PW afaik

the yahoo-verse is full of spam and scams and the administrators of the PW group ( who i have emailed with) have NO IDEA of computer security or best practices and were completely unaware that yahoo servers and user info had been breached repeatedly over the years.
which is why their forum and members were repeatedly targeted...

their requirement for vin is in the hopes of reducing spammers.

wrong approach and like you I was looking for info pre-purchase.
once I got into the group and saw how the yahoo world works- I sent the administrators some warnings and got out of there

the online user presence shouldn;t define the brand, whether RT or PW or other.

and yahoo is a joke- maybe worse than aol

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I've been in online discussion forums of one sort or another for over 20 years (yea, back then we used email..

So many groups start with a focus then become a "free for all" as time goes on and no one wants to be the hard-*** keeping the conversation on-topic (most of the Facebook RV groups are feel interchangeable for this reason).

I've also been a moderator on a Jeep-related board with thousands of members. It gets to be a pain to run a clean board.

So if a group is for "owners"...then I don't mind if it's restricted to owners.

It's free to start a FB group - so if you want one for "potential owners" then start one..

I don't like that the popular RT Facebook group doesn't allow linking to blog posts (unless you're the guy who started it). But that's OK - I just dont participate there as much because I hate retyping stuff I have already captured in a blog post. I don't feel better or worse about the RT company because of it.
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We have owned a Pleasureway for 5 years and find belonging to the PW Yahoo Group very helpful since there are many repeat owners on there that can pinpoint the solution(s) to a problem very quickly. That said we also belong to other forums to get the perpectives of owners of other Class B's & C's for our own interest. In regard to the "corporate" Pleasureway I will say that having owned 2 RV's prior to the PW with very poor dealer and Mfr. support, on the few occasions I have contacted PW directly with a question/problem I was pleasantly surprised to not only be handed over to a real live person by the receptionist who person actually answered their phone, but was able to actually speak to someone at PW H. O. who was very familiar with their vehicles and answered my enquiry on the spot (on several occasions).
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