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Default Should I buy this Class B?

Class B is the size I need. I've decided I really like/want an overcab sleeper style like the Ford Intervec Falcon.

I found a dealer near me that specializes in Class Bs, and they have around 40 or 50 used models.

I found a 1994 Intervec Falcon built on the Ford 350 and they want $17,900 for it.

I've toured it and tested it... everything works and is functional, and in good shape. There's some slight leak on the front-facing windows of the overcab, but that's very common and I'm pretty sure I can easily fix it with a silicone gun.

The thing is, I see the NADA Guide prices it at only $7k. And I see about 8 or 9 similar Falcons on RVtrader and nationwide CraigsLists for between $9k to $14k.

I've sent messages to those sellers on RVtrader over the last week and gotten nothing back. No contact at all.

My question is... how accurate is the NADA Guide? Is this guy WAY outside of asking almost $18k for this van? No rust, 200 hours on the generator, super clean interior, everything functions... and tomorrow I have paid a mechanic to give it a once-over. The dealer says if he puts it on RVtrader he will pretty easily get his $18k. He wouldn't go below 17K when I haggled... but I did get him down to $17K.

I want the van. I want a CLEAN and TURNKEY Class B... I have the cash to buy this outright, but its RIGHT AT THE TOP of what I wanted to spend.

So, friends of ClassBForums, as a virgin to the RV movement... I seek your council! Should I buy this van, or wait to find a similar Falcon for a better price? Is this a fair price? Is the NADA Guide usually FAR below what people really pay lately?

Van Details:
  • 1994 Invertec Falcon on a Ford 350 Van
  • 130k miles
  • 200 hours on the Original Onan Generator
  • Clean interior
  • Fully Functional Dry Bath
  • Working Original Dometic 3-way Fridge in SUPER CLEAN condition
  • Working Original (and apparently unused) microwave
  • Rooftop AC and Engine based AC both blow ice cold
  • Propane furnace and Hot Water Heater both operate perfectly
  • All mattresses and cushions appear unused or close to NOS
  • Pretty good exterior paint, with less imperfections or problems than I'd expect on a 25 year old vehicle.
  • Drives and handles well. Was able to cruise at 75 on the hwy
  • Cruise Control operates
  • All tanks/fluids recently flushed and work. Grey Tank might need a new seal at the dump port? It looked to be dripping slightly after I tried the van out...

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I KNOW NADA was way low on the ‘93 Coachmen we just bought.

A dealer we visited in N Ga was asking over $24k for a Roadtrek with 120,000 miles on it.

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For that kind of vehicle, I don't think there are enough of them in existence to establish a meaningful market price.
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Millenium Falcon, congratulations on finding a B you really like. You are very wise to have a mechanic check it out and you seem satisfied with the operation of all the RV "stuff".

If you have not done so, you might put "Intervec" or "Falcon" or "Horizon" in the search engine for this forum (in the top narrow blue bar on this page) and read what you find. Intervec made Falcons and it's little sister the Horizon. They made them on several chassis over about fifteen or so years until the company's staff formed Phoenix Cruiser and started making Class Cs (which they call B+). I own a Phoenix Cruiser and I owned a Horizon for many years. My wife and I have some incredible memories we made with our little 17 foot Horizon, and I think you will find the Falcon even more useful.

Be sure and test everything twice! Try that generator (which I believe is a Onan 2800) under the load of the roof air and run it for at least an hour. 200 hours on a genset that is 25 years old can be problematic. They need to run under load at least an hour a month and you can do the math. They tend to gum up and oxidize on the various parts.

On the RV parts, you will probably find yourself doing a little maintenance over time. I would run a Carfax on the title and see the rig's history. It would be interesting for you to know where it has been over the years. Take a close look underneath and check out the chassis for rust (your mechanic should do that for you). Those old Ford vans are pretty tough and long lasting.

As to the NADA Guide, I have never found it very accurate for really old rigs like this one but if it met my needs and checked out, I wouldn't let the price run me off. These things are scarce and a lot of them are junk. I looked at one with a blown engine for $3500 a few years ago, but it was a bigger project than I wanted at that time.

If you can do a lot of things yourself, you are in great shape. I think the Falcons were very well built and designed extremely well. You drove it so you know how they run. Check out the tires not only for tread and cracking but also check the manufacturing date on them (google how to check out tires age or something like that if you are not familiar with how to read them). RV tires often age out before they wear out.

A Roadtrek 190 and a Falcon have always been my favorite Bs, so I am a bit prejudiced!! Falcons didn't change design a lot over the years they were built but they were just improved as time went on. They were well built and extremely well designed IMO. If it all checks out to your satisfaction, I would go for it.
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I would get them to fix the leak. If it's as easy as you say, they should do it. If it's not easy (and water leaks can be really tricky) you don't want the vehicle. Water leaks make for miserable camping.
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Is that 17,900 peso's? j/k. $18k US is a hefty price. But any item is worth as much as a buyer is willing to pay.

I suppose it's not an unheard of price but it's steep. If everything is perfect AND it's what you want I'd say make the deal after they fix the leak and any potential damage the leak has caused including rust. Water leaks go everywhere and cause a ton of hidden damage.
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Originally Posted by Millenium Falcon View Post
Class B is the size I need. I've decided I really like/want an overcab sleeper style like the Ford Intervec Falcon.

I found a dealer near me that specializes in Class Bs, and they have around 40 or 50 used models.

I found a 1994 Intervec Falcon built on the Ford 350 and they want $17,900 for it.

Not the exact same model (this is a Ford 250) but here is a 1994 Falcon for $8200.
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According to the description, you paid much attention to the cleanness of the 1994 Intervec Falcon, which means you are a fanatic for cleanliness.
Considering it's a little longer, so please do check carefully, following are some guide for you. (includes the tires, engines, batteries, brakes, macerator pump, shocks, propane sensor etc..)
And also the price for your reference as follows:
1994 Ford Falcon Camper For Sale in Newaygo, Michigan
Please have a look about this post:
If you still insist on doing it, there're some ideas for the discount, it's better to have two people to cooperate to bargain. Good luck!
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Thank you to all who have commented and replied both publicly and via PM.

After I paid a mechanic to inspect the vehicle, he found some other small issues... and I decided that based on the price and the issues... I will not be purchasing it.

I've been pointed in the direction of Airstream B190s and am looking at those now, I hope to find the perfect over-cab sleeper Class B soon.

Thank you again!
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I think you probably made the right decision, the price seems high. But it’s a supply and demand thing. I bought my low miles excellent condition 1996 Falcon for $14,500 two years ago and sold it for $15,500 this summer after putting 20,000 miles on it. Mine had the over cab bed which was essential for storage for me. Adults found it too claustrophobic and not tall enough to sleep in. My 5 year old grandson loved sleeping there. Good luck!

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