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Default Re: Which is Best Class B Camper Van? Make or Model

Hi again,

I'm really appreciating people's inputs, as I continue my search for *the One*.

@gerrym51, I am also looking at Pleasureway, it's 1998 Dodge, and everywhere I look there seem to be "handling issues", which is very disconcerting.

Also, I'm noticing a distinct pattern among used B's, here in Ontario, Canada, at least...

Roadtrek is by far more popular and, hence, more available. This would probably make a difference in getting repairs, I'm thinking.

Also, the difference in mileage used on RoadTrek vs. Pleasureway is HUGE! Most Roadtrek's in the year range of vehicles I can just barely afford (ie, 1987 to 2003) have at least 100K upwards to 200K. Whereas the Pleasureways all seem to have UNDER 100K. You'd think this would be a selling point, BUT with the handling issues and I read one woman's account of her fears in driving her PW, it makes me think that people simply don't drive the van as much.

The Roadtreks, in spite of some potential floorplan/layout improvement areas, seem to be a much-loved, much-driven vehicle.

Speaking of which, I think it's disappointing that RoadTrek staff don't read up about people's comments and consider offering an alternative layout, like Pleasureway's with the galley on the passenger side, and other adjustments. Has anyone ever written to RoadTrek with their feedback? Maybe I will...

If anyone has any thoughts on 1998 Pleasureway, I'd LOVE to hear from you!


@mike - You're right in pointing out similarity in Safari Condo and New-West. I was quite smitten with these, as I love the pop-up tops, BUT I'm also thinking of full-timing, so not sure if pop-up is a good idea in harsh Canadiain winter. Also the New-West vans don't have toilets (Safari offers portable toilets).

Not having a toilet is perhaps not a drawback, as I'd prefer to use a composting toilet anyway (and really wish the RV builders/companies would offer an option to swap out the built-in flush toilets for independently bought composting toilets.). But they should design an area in the van to be used for 'potty time'.

Re: Sportsmobile, I was told it's not possible to own one in Canada.

Searching for my first RV...!

Great sites:
(go green folks! water bottles??) (compost toilet)
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Default Re: Which is Best Class B Camper Van? Make or Model

hmmm - back to the chassis decision - ours is on a 1993 Ford E-250 (350 is a gas guggler...) - we had many class c's on dodge - our problem w. an older Ford (we don't know what we did!!!), the ecc computer brain burned a hole, and the vehicle will not function without the brain - if we had been in the states replacement might have been easier, but we had shipped ours to Europe, so I had to bring the old computer back with us - bought one online while we were still in Europe (guaranteed match w. vin #!!! $385) - paid for DHL delivery - did not work - next we contacted our mechanic who said that he could supple us w. the unit ($500 + DHL delivery) - did not work - so we brought the old computer back with us and went to a rebuilder place, paid $400 for another one, brought it back to Europe w. us - did not work - finally we found the right one and finally we are back "on the road again" - got a reimbursement for all the mismatches except from 'our mechanic' - needless to say we have a new mechanic

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