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markopolo 01-19-2013 03:11 PM

2014 / 2015 Ford Transit Van
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Some data to look at. Specifications still subject to change.
I'm already looking forward to seeing Class B campervans based on the 2014 / 2015 Ford Transit Van.

markopolo 01-19-2013 03:20 PM

Re: 2014 Ford Transit Van
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and photos of the largest 2014 Ford Transit Van

markopolo 01-19-2013 10:16 PM

Re: 2014 Ford Transit Van
I can't find any real info re: weight ratings yet - only this:


The new 2014 Transit has a wide GVWR range from 8,600 to 10,360 pounds

markopolo 02-01-2013 08:15 PM

Re: 2014 Ford Transit Van
Ford Transit combinator tool from Ford:


Transit Combinator lets you explore all the ways to configure a 2014 Ford Transit cargo van, passenger wagon, chassis cab
or cutaway. You can mix and match the four available bodystyles, five wheelbases and four roof heights. It's as easy as 1-2-3. ... ombinator/


Transit Van with Long Wheelbase and High Roof

Carry tall cargo up to 6-ft./5-in. upright
11-ft./6-in. load floor length
GVWR from 9,000 to 9,500 lbs.
Models: 250 and 350 SRW

Davydd 02-01-2013 10:43 PM

Re: 2014 Ford Transit Van
Has anyone put together a side by side spec comparison with the Mercedes Benz Sprinter? Just a quick look, but it looks more comparable to the pre-2007 Sprinter models in size. That's not necessarily bad, either.

markopolo 02-02-2013 11:59 AM

Re: 2014 Ford Transit Van
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Found a comparison article here: ... ewall.html

B builders might choose the Extended Transit as its dimensions are closest to the Regular Sprinter.

"Extended" Transit is 266.1 inches long, 81.3 inches wide & 109.2 high
"Regular" Sprinter is 273.2 inches long, 79.7 inches wide & 110.8 high

Other choices are:

"Regular" Transit is 237.6 inches long, 81.3 inches wide & 110.2 high (19.8 feet)
"Short" Sprinter is 232.5 inches long, 79.7 inches wide & 107.5 high

The "Extended" Sprinter is still the longest at 289.2 inches (24.1 feet)

Mike 02-03-2013 02:19 AM

Re: 2014 Ford Transit Van
Chassis price comparison? Some converters may see an opportunity to drop their retail prices if they can find a less expensive starting point.

markopolo 02-03-2013 01:54 PM

Re: 2014 Ford Transit Van
That would be good Mike. Mercedes have a price premium built into the brand so a Ford van should retail for less. Chevy needs to get into the high-roof van market as soon as they can. Competition will keep the prices in-line.

You have to wonder if the days of fiberglass roofed B's are coming to an end. I don't think you can make a wide-body Class B out of these uni-body vans so those type of models will technically be Class C's if built on cab-chassis bases.

A lower cost base van might even bring in some new builders. Ford dealerships are everywhere too. We even have one in our small town.

Mike 02-03-2013 03:37 PM

Re: 2014 Ford Transit Van
It would be nice if Ford took advantage of the conversion market and priced these things reasonably. If they're a decent MB Sprinter substitute, it could spell the end of the Sprinter as a base chassis. Particularly if the interior layout and specs are comparable. Converters could substitute them for the more expensive starting point. Keeping costs down, might allow lower retail prices, and increase sales volume.
Interesting that they don't have dual rear wheels? Wonder why? Or, are the pics simply an artist's conceptions or prototypes from the drafting table?

markopolo 02-03-2013 04:00 PM

Re: 2014 Ford Transit Van
Some Ford Transits will have Dual Rear Wheels. In the specs they are noted as DRW. Single Rear Wheels are SRW.

So an LWB EL HR DRW model is:
Long Wheel Base, Extended Length, High Roof, Dual Rear Wheels

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