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booster 08-06-2014 05:26 PM

Solar controller and programmer setup for sale
We have decided to stay with the Blue Sky controller we put in a few weeks ago, so we now have the Morningstar MPPT15 available to whomever may want it. This is a factory replacement for the unit we had that had the temp comp problem. Two years old, before the swap.

What's there:

MPPT15 controller

Remote for it, without the extension box needed for surface mounting

Remote cable

Two unused, new, temperature sensors

Meterbus adapter plus all the necessary cables to hook up to the USB of a laptop to program the two programmable programs in the MPPT 15

All the manuals

If desired you can have the switch setup I made to be able change between the two programs with the small switch. We used it as a full charge mode, and a float mode for full batteries, and it worked well.

As everyone knows, I think by now, this is a timed only controller, like most are, but it is programmable so it is much better than most timed ones, especially if you use the two program method.

$125 (or whatever you think it is worth to you).

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