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JimandLoreen 02-26-2016 09:33 PM

Introductory Note
Hello Class B forum folks! We've been scanning the forum topics both before and after we bought our used 2008 Pleasure Way Excel last October, so we thought it was high time we introduced ourselves. We are a retired couple in Victoria, BC who love to travel; we rented a Pleasure Way a few years ago in the Yukon to drive the Dempster Highway - a beautiful trip - but one after which (one of us) said "I never want to buy one of these things." Yet, here we are... We have yet to venture out in our "Pleasure Palace" as one of our friends named it, but are hoping to head south to Death Valley next week. (Our Yukon trip involved a flat tire 2 km north of the Arctic Circle on a deserted stretch of highway, where we spent the night slowly sinking into the tundra. The company we rented from said "you'll never have to worry about the tires and besides, your rental contract precludes you from changing one..." OK! We didn't even know where the spare was!! The story ended well, with a little, make that a lot, of help from folks who stopped - though there were moments when we wondered how long the food and wine would last...) Anyway, everything on "our" PW has been checked and triple checked and we have a well-stocked tool chest to take along! Finally, thank you to everyone on the forum who has posted helpful suggestions and answered questions - we've been able to benefit. Onward and upward...:wave:

Bruceper 02-26-2016 11:47 PM

Welcome. Since you've experienced issues before I'm sure you'll be prepared, but ensure you have plenty of water for you and the van if necessary.

JimandLoreen 02-27-2016 12:00 AM

Yes indeed but thanks for the reminder!

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