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rialta mary 05-15-2010 02:19 PM

Exterior finish on 1999 Rialta


My name is Mary and my husband and I live in TX and just bought our first RV, a nice 1999 Rialta~! We plan on doing some camping this summer, when he has his summer break from his school position. The inside of it is really spiffy but the outside needs some TLC. It looks like the sides are aluminum and the white paint has stains or streaks on it, as well at the decals have deteriorated some on one side. The base trim in a purple is also in need of help. I am hoping someone could recommend a type of cleaner or compound to use on it, without destroying the paint. Has anyone tried to replace the decals or is this something we should not try? Any help with this will be most appreciated.



D0N 05-17-2010 05:41 PM

Exterior finish on 1999 Rialta

I answered your post in the other forum.

Yes people have replaced the decals but they come off very hard!

I think Winnebago used cheap decals on the later model Rialtas because they all cracked. The early Rialtas were fine. My 1996 decals still look band new. ;):cool::D

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