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mrlmac 10-27-2011 07:47 PM

Electric Hookups

Hi ... I am new to Rialta's and Rving. I recently purchased a 2004 Rialta HD and love it! My question is pretty basic regarding electric hook ups. in the trunk there is a heavy duty cord 3-prongs and a hole in the bottom to shove it out thru. When I purchased the vehicle the seller game me a standard 24ft extension cord which he shoved up thru the bottom and hooked to the shoreline with an adapter. When going to a rv park I noticed that the electrical hook ups had both a standard 110v plug and then the other which matched the shore line.

so which am I supposed to use when hooking up (I told you I was brand new!). I used the 110v and everything seemed to work ok but if that's how you are to hook up, why is there the shoreline?

thank you


CGAZ Paul 10-28-2011 03:38 AM

Electric Hookups

Welcome Mac! You made a great decision getting a Rialta. When you are at any campground you should always use the shore power (big) cable that came with the coach. There should be enough length to plug into most parks. I have used the extension cord route here at my house when I am too far away from an outlet. The reason to use the bigger cable is the load that is drawn by the Rialta if you would choose to turn alot of things on; which I always do. I run everything on my rig; water heater, fridge, lights, fans, heat or A/C. The biggest draw is on the A/C so you would overload the small extension cord if you did this. For lights or simple things it is safe but that's about it.

Keep in mind that you must plug that back into the outlet inside your storage compartment in order for the generator to supply power to the coach again. Hope I can help in any way so feel free for more questions. It is best to use and operate these vehicles the proper way so you can have the most fun out of it! Once again, welcome and congrats on the purchase!


mrlmac 10-28-2011 02:58 PM

Electric Hookups

Thanks Paul...that makes sense to me ... when i bought the Rialta, i was at the seller's home so it would make sense that he had it plugged in to 110v. The few sites i camped at and used the extension cord, i didn't have the A/C or much else running so it worked ok for me. So now, I can get started properly. thanks Again


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