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garmp 07-30-2016 04:44 PM

Phoenix Cruiser 2100
Currently a Sportsmobile owner, and love it, but age & health are pressuring us to look to an RV with more conveniences. Long story short we're looking at a Phoenix Cruiser 2100. It's the smallest RV we can find that affords us the amenities that we think we want (we are rapidly approaching our 70's): a dedicated eating area, a walk around bed, kitchen & bath. (Bath isn't that important, yet).
And my question is what are your opinions of this make & model? Up & downs. Pros & cons.

nautracer 09-14-2016 10:18 PM

everything I have seen or heard is the Phoenix cruiser is "top of the line) ,,,,we have them on our "be on the look out" list. as we age...stairs are the big issue. but you can always use the front doors of the coach. I think they might have a "sort of kinda" fiberglass roof. The Navions are real nice if you can afford one.

garmp 09-22-2016 08:45 PM

Stopped by the Phoenix Cruiser plant and was quite impressed. Seems to have all the answers to all our questions. Just might go for one.

nautracer 09-22-2016 08:56 PM

did they say anything about a fiberglass (type) roof? happy for ya, we are leaning towards the older Chinooks 2000 - 2004. they are all fiberglass. and cost too much! :)

garmp 09-22-2016 09:13 PM

Nothing other than it was a one piece body. Really impressed with what they have and how they do it, and have a bunch of things to work out before we make a move. Number one is to sell our SportsMobile and then see what we're talking about. And also exactly what we want.

donray 10-02-2016 10:58 PM

Phoenix Cruiser 2551
I have a 2008/2009 Phoenix Cruiser 2551 that I will sell. If interested email me.

garmp 12-28-2016 09:04 PM

Thanks, but a 2551 is a bit larger than we want. We did go ahead and ordered a 2100 just a couple of weeks. Can't wait till March to pick it up.
Just have to convert our style from Camping to RVing. Ain't never sat under no awning before. A refrigerator, sofa and inside bathroom, WOW! Guess we'll learn to get used to these. For that money we have to!

tmshih 12-31-2016 01:12 PM

Other brands and models to consider are:

Pleasureway Plateau Models 22"9' length


Born Free "Jewel" 21"10' length

Jewel - Born Free Motorcoach

Coach House Platinum 220 23"2' length

Luxury Small Motorhomes | Fuel-Efficient Downsized Class C (Class B-Plus) RVs | Coach House Platinum 220

Thor Compass/Gemini 23"6'

Viperml 12-31-2016 01:41 PM

If people are going to consider other rv's in this size then consider the Lazydaze 24. i believe this is by far the best value. Also, the Lazy Daze frame, located between the inside and outside walls, is backed with a lifetime warranty to the original owner.
Lazy Daze - Floor Plans

garmp 12-31-2016 02:48 PM

Thanks for the input on the Thor, Lazydaze, etc. But We believe the PC floor plan suits us best with a walk around bed, a full time eating eating (dinette) and all the other standard features. The bed where you don't have to crawl other one another or do the crab crawl to get in & out of is a huge thing to us. And with the full time dinette, the DW can sleep in while I have my coffee and surf the web.
I think the PC is for us, but thanks for the thoughts and we're always open for suggestions.

caflashgordon 03-03-2017 11:49 PM

Happy Phoenix Cruiser Owner Here
Hi all,

This is my first post so be kind :-)

We have a 2010 Phoenix Cruiser 2350 Sprinter with 67000 miles on it. We truly could not be happier.

We use it for business travel and pleasure and stay in it about 10 days a month. It has never been garaged and about half of our miles are logged while towing an open car trailer right at 4500 lbs.

In the past, we have owned Class "C" units from Thor and Dutchmen and I still maintain units from Winnebago and Forest River for the inlaws. (I will say that at 65000 miles the interior of my last unit from Thor was pretty much falling apart as fast as I could fix it) My opinion is that the Phoenix is head and shoulders above those products in pretty much every department.

Ours has had zero manufacturing defects that were noteworthy. (the day/night shades were poorly adjusted on delivery was actually the only gripe)

All of the problems I have had with this unit are related to the run-of-the-mill third party components used. (Our A/C unit relay circuit board failed after 3 years, the mattress became a "flatress" after 5 years, the crank up antenna handle fell off, the house battery tray slides fell apart ...really, really normal stuff). Given what I've seen in other units, I'll take this list any day!

My opinion is that Phoenix has good construction and a good feature set and as a big benefit, still manages to remain pretty light. Mine is about 10K lbs with all of our stuff aboard and the fresh water tank full, leaving just over 1000 lbs of carrying capacity and/or allowing use of the full 5000 lbs tow capacity.

At RV shows, I see higher-end units with tempting features, but in almost every case it seems that you give up something somewhere. For instance, I fell in love with a Sprinter B+ at Pomona that had beautiful solid cabinetry, a diesel generator and full basement storage. But after some research, I found that the dry weight was almost 1000 lbs heavier than the Phoenix. That's an important 1000 lbs for me.

To me, the Phoenix represents a very solid middle of the road between the majority of units (dare I say "low-end") and real premium units at the other end of the spectrum (we all know who they are......and why are they mostly from Canada anyway?)

As we approach 100K miles, I am contemplating either another Phoenix Cruiser or maybe just putting another 100K on this one.


garmp 03-04-2017 08:05 PM

Gordon, thanks for the input. It reinforces what I thought. We leave in two weeks to pick up our new 2100. We're confident that we made the right decision. Both the DW & I are anxious to drive it home and get ready to hit the road.

DEdoug 05-15-2018 11:02 AM

Garmp, I was wondering how you are enjoying the PC? We are strongly considering the 2350 model... Doug

garmp 05-16-2018 02:05 PM

Have had it for a little over a year now and thoroughly love it. A bit of a learning curve going from canvas and a B van to a motor home with holding tanks, batteries, generator, etc, but worth it. Some things are still a bit intimidating but slowly getting use to the do's and don'ts. No regrets at all, except the threat of $4.00 a gallon gas.

photochefs88 10-07-2018 07:05 PM

I currently have a 2007 Roadtrek SS Agile, can the your brand new Phoenix Cruiser 2100 be purchase out the door for $80k plus tax? What kind of gas mileage are you getting?

garmp 10-08-2018 02:49 PM

phtochef88, our PC was right at $93k, but we did add quite a few options and extras, Surround sound stereo upgrade, wood floors, extra shelves & outlets, etc. Since the change in ownership I believe that is about the new base price. Not sure but think their price is $105 before discounts. Check here: Phoenix Cruiser - Affordable Luxury Class B+ Motorhome

djaed 01-08-2019 09:08 PM

Gas mileage on PC2100
garmp, thanks for the information about your experience with the PC 2100. Could you tell us what kind of gas mileage you are getting? Thanks!

garmp 01-08-2019 09:20 PM

We're getting 9-10 pending on the roads, etc.
If you're interested in a forum for the Phoenix Cruisers check out this Cruisers Forum - Index

Leland 01-08-2019 10:30 PM

Garmp - did you sell the SMB??

garmp 01-09-2019 03:55 PM

Yes we did, just before purchasing the Phoenix Cruiser. No regrets in either vehicle.

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