Ron's Honda EU-1000i-EU-2000i Generator Cabinet

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Ron's Honda EU-1000i-EU-2000i Generator Cabinet

Postby markopolo » Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:39 am

Here's an email from Ron:

Made a Honda EU-1000i-EU-2000i Generator Cabinet with a Slide Out Draw having a 3/4"rubber base on which either the EU-1000i or EU-2000i sit on, have side panel swing up doors which lock in place, approximately a 45 degree angle, and lock from the inside when not in use.

There are 2 front swing away doors, left door locks from the inside, there is an exterior flush lock on the right door. In the rear bottom of the Cabinet there is a 1-1/2" PVC DWV FIP Adapter Hub x FIPT for the electric cord and a security cable to go through.

The security cord attaches to the Generator and the Hitch of the RoadTrek, the electric cord runs from the generator to the electric plug in the RoadTrek outside storage on my 2002 RoadTrek Dodge 190 POP.

When the generator is not being used both the electric cord and the security cable are taken out of the Adapter Hub, then I connect/screw a 1-1/2" PVC DWV Clean out Plug MIPT to the Adapter Hub preventing unexpected critters in the generator cabinet.

When running/testing both the Honda EU-1000i and the Honda EU-2000i the temperature in the Generator Cabinet for the EU-1000i was 72.3 degrees, outside temperature was 72.0 degrees. The temperature in the Generator Cabinet for the EU-2000i was 72.1 degrees, outside temperature was 72.8 degrees.

I ran each generator for approximately 1/2 hour, used the EU-2000i to run the Air Conditioner using Eco-Throttle On and Off position, the EU-1000i was used to run a Ceramic heater in the van, using the Eco-Throttle On and Off position. All interior lights were on at all times.

Must say both Generators were quiet, I have 4, 1-1/2" Rubber Wheel Swivel Plate Casters installed on the Generator Cabinet.

I have included with this message 6 photo's of 21, any questions or problems viewing the photos, or wanting to view more photo's, feel free in contacting me, E-mail Address:


Ron & Rose Cabral
New Bedford, MA
2002-Dodge-2002-RoadTrek-190 POP
FMCA: 303873

and here are the photos:







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