Michelin Tire PSI Inflation Table

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Michelin Tire PSI Inflation Table

Postby markopolo » Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:11 pm

I need some help with choosing the Tire PSI for my Michelin LTX/MS2 LT245/75R16 E
I'm using data from these sources:

MICHELIN Truck Tire Data Book

and here
http://www.michelintruck.com/assets/pdf ... taBook.pdf

tire pressure.JPG
tire pressure.JPG (361.03 KiB) Viewed 1720 times

Last time I checked my van weight it was:
Front: 4020 lbs
Rear: 3860 lbs
(not fully loaded)

So if I plan based on 4200 lbs front and 4600 lbs rear what tire pressure would you use? In the past I have done 60 or 65 front and 80 rear.

From the Michelin charts it looks like I could 50 psi front and 60 psi rear for soft ride. Am I missing something?
Would you go that low?
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Re: Michelin Tire PSI Inflation Table

Postby booster » Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:43 pm

We are currently going through the same drill. We upsized our tires to 265-75-16 and changed from Bridgestone V-steels to Michelin MS2s. We found the Bridgestones to handle best at 65/80. We only have one test run on the new tires, run at 60/70, so we aren't done yet. Next test will be at the 65/80 to see how that compares. The Michelins do seem to be more comfortable to this point.

Nearly everyone I have ever talked to has found the Michelin recommended pressures to be too low to get decent handling, especially in trucks.
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