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Casino Camper - RV Friendly Casinos

Postby markopolo » Sun Nov 12, 2006 5:13 pm

Casino Camper - RV Friendly Casinos

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Casino Parking Etiquette

Casino Parking Etiquette

Have you ever changed jobs, joined a new club, visited another country? If so, you realize there are different norms for behavior in different places. Casino parking is the same way -- each casino is different. So be a good guest, understand what's expected and allowed, and "when in Rome, do as the Romans do".

Some Casinos have actual RV parks. These guidelines are for dry overnight parking. Many casinos allow overnight parking, and some even welcome you dry-camp for several days or a week. Our state-by-state listing of RV Friendly Casinos can help you find them.

If you're concerned about whether or not overnight RV parking is allowed call the casino and ask to talk with Security, confirm you can park there, and get directions. We don't actually do this ourselves, but some folks are more comfortable this way.

If your RV is leaking anything take care of it. Leaking oil, transmission fluid, or waste water in the parking lot is a sure way to get kicked out - and rightfully so.

When you arrive check things out. Look around and make sure you feel comfortable and safe. Then find a good spot and park. If the area isn't full, I recommend leaving at least one space between you and any neighboring RV.

It's a good idea to find casino security and check in with them. Some casinos may require you to fill out a form, or to join their players club. In other locations there's no formal process.

If you need to use your jacks to get level, be sure to put boards down so you won't leave marks in the asphalt. This generally isn't a "no-no" like it is at Wally World.

If you plan to stay more than one night make sure this is allowed. Some casinos have no set policy, others it's 48 hours, 3 days, etc. so be sure you know.

A note about "setting up camp" -- using your big awning, table, chairs, BBQ grill, etc. Some casinos have an actual dry camping field or lot, and everyone "makes camp". But if you're just staying in a regular parking lot you don't want to look like you're establishing residence! Use common sense.

Keep your area clean. Every time we go outside our RV we pick up any trash we see, it doesn't matter if it's "our" trash.

Be a good neighbor, be considerate with your generator, TV, stereo, etc.

Enjoy yourself
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