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Default Why did you choose a Class B plus ( Class C) over a Class B?


Did you test drive both??

Any parking issues on while traveling or in city traffic??

Any difference in handling ? At what mileage did you replace shocks??

Just curious...

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We narrowed our choice down to the Class B Travato 59g and the Class B+ Trend 23L. They have virtually the same layout, which was ideal for us, and the same platform (Ram Promaster).

For us, it came down to space ... and by that I mean, my wife stepped into the Travato and said, "No way. This is too tight."

I test drove neither, but read much about the Promaster's driving characteristics, and that was part of why I narrowed to the choice I did. That said, despite the rave reviews on the driving characteristics, I was still surprised at how well the Trend handles and accelerates.

Parking? Yeah, there are issues with a B+. A Travato is a big vehicle that will slightly extend past a standard 20 ft parking stall, but I think most people easily fit the Travato into most standard parking spots. But a Trend is 10 inches wider, and 3 feet longer. I find that I can park in spaces that are unusually large, but normally I would need to park in a more open area of the parking lot (further out in the shopping center lot, for example, so that taking two spots, or extending out into the parking lot aisle a bit isn't a problem. Sometimes you can back up over a low curb and hang over 3ft of the back of the RV into a non-obtrusive area and park in a "regular" spot.

My 2015 Trend 23L has almost 30,000 miles on it and the shocks have not been replaced. It does not have Sumo Springs, either. It handles amazingly well. I don't take corners at high speeds, of course, but I have no problem driving it in heavy traffic. The visibility with the mirrors is excellent, making lane changes a breeze.

2015 Winnebago Trend 23L
Previous RVs: 2000 MacGregor 26x,
2002 Keystone Cougar 28BH
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We just bought a 2018 Paseo. Seat belts for six - three grand kids and a friend. 22 feet long, drives like a dream. Decent mileage and impressive power; great for merging into fast traffic. Probably not good for parallel parking, but easy for any other parking, as it's about the same width as a car. A joy to drive, in town and especially on the freeway. Sensitive to crosswinds, but not unreasonably so.
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Default Class B or B+

Iím a 64 year old widow. I drove a 1996 Falcon (class b) for two years, it had very low miles and good maintenance had been done. When I traveled by myself, it was great being able to park in regular parking spaces. But for me adding anyone else-a friend or even my small grandchildren just didnít work. You literally are on top of each and crawling over each other to get to the bathroom.

However, I thought I was stuck with class b van because Iím just not comfortable driving a boxy Class C.... But I wasnít taking as many longer road trips as I wanted because of the space issues.

I accidentally begun talking to someone that had a 2008 Winnebago View and shared my issues for more space but good drive ability. I could not be happier, it is absolutely exactly what I wanted. Lots more storage and sleeping space (the typical class c configuration) an overhead bed. But the best part is that it is narrower, only 7í wide, the same width as my SUV. It is built on a Sprinter Chassis with a diesel Mercedes Ben engine. I also have a dining area slideout which really adds to the space and doesnít have to be ďoutĒ in order to use the RV inside when traveling. It drives amazingly tight and with power for mountain driving. I have the best of both worlds!

No, I canít park in a regular city parking space but I would estimate it takes me just take an extra 2 minutes to find a larger or different sized parking space. I feel like that little extra parking space issue is of so little concern compared with the great additional space. Iím able to get 15-17 mpg , while not as economical as the van, very good for a 24í RV.

I really canít say enough about how thrilled I am with my purchased! I put 12,000 miles on it between May and August this summer!
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The literature shows the View at 7 1/2 feet wide, but they don't show where the dimension is compared to the mirrors. Where do you measure the 7' ?
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Originally Posted by Roadtrek Adventuous RS1 View Post
Did you test drive both??
Any parking issues on while traveling or in city traffic??
Any difference in handling ? At what mileage did you replace shocks??
Just curious...
Actually only a few people will test so many RVs if they really want to buy, they will choose the one they liked to have a testing drive. Otherwise, the people who are willing to test all kinds of RVs before purchasing.
Just now I have found an article for the comparison about Class B, Class B+ and Class C as follows.

Class B Motorhomes are a motorized RV constructed on the chassis of a van which is usually called a “Van Conversion” they are smaller than a Class A. The Class B is created from a standard passenger or work mini van. Some models have raised roofs. Class B’s are easy to drive on hwy or around town. Some people use these as their regular vehicle as well as for camping. Living space and amenities are limited in conversion vans.

Class B Plus Motorhomes
Class B+ Motor homes are built on a larger chassis compared to the smaller, standard Class B Van Chassis. Basically a Class B plus is a mini version of a Class C Motor home. They offer aerodynamic body styles, with the area inside above the cab often used for storage and/or an area for a TV. The big advantage of a Class B+ is fuel savings, which is one reason they are becoming so popular. Some of the advantages are, easy to maneuver and handle, can be used as a second family vehicle, easy to set up wherever you travel, just to name a few.

Class C Motorhomes are built on a truck or large van chassis with a distinctive cab-over bunk area. Many Class C’s now have features such as a slide out section, basement storage. They can tow a vehicle behind or support a carrying platform on a hitch receiver, but keep in mind the towing capacity is generally less in a Class C than a Class A. Class C’s provide many of the luxuries & conveniences of a Class A only they are smaller & less expensive. Class C passengers are free to eat, watch TV, take a nap & use the bathroom. For those with a larger family or those with a slightly tighter budget the Class C motor home may be the RV for you.

Or you can access to to get more comparison details. Thanks!

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