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"yeah, I wonder what Steve thinks?"

Steve said what he thinks. I won't quote him again.

"I see that Rowiebowie agreed with me on safety...."

I and Rowiebowie and virtually everyone else thinks that if all else is equal, safety rules. Steve chose the combination of features, advantages and disadvantages, trade-offs that were best for him just like Rowiebowie, me, and..........

"You? I'm not sure you care?"

Care about safety? See above. If someone wants to take a risk, they should do their Risk Management job - reward vs probabilities, consequences. I've done it many times.

"Just another person bashing Mercedes Benz....."

Huh, Steve stated a fact. The Mercedes' emission control system "did not work out really well".

"Oh I did see your post about how "SLOW" the Sprinter is....
I think that you mentioned it would lose in a "drag race"....."

Yes, in response to this: ""the performance and economy of the diesel is really fantastic" and you left out the fact that sprinters cost more, period.

Is this a real conversation?[/QUOTE]

I suppose, and about the same old stuff.


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I made a few comments earlier because I own 97 PW and the OP was asking about a 93. My handling is light but fine and that shouldnít be taken as my making numerous, continuous corrections. I donít. It just has a lighter feel. I agree that safety rules and that no driver should feel that they are not in control of their vehicle.

As has been pointed out, itís not uncommon for older vehicles to have worn steering components, bad shocks, bad tires. Those can all be corrected. But it seems to me that the real question for the OP (bearing in mind that he hasnít driven this yet to even see if there is a problem) is whether or not there is a steering issue stemming from the above mentioned wear or if it is a condition inherent to the vehicle itself. I relayed my observations on my RV but itís 4 years newer and I have no idea if pertains to his model year. I guess no one has that model year to reply but that appears to be the bottom line question for him.

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Originally Posted by Peder_y2k View Post
Being a 1993, I would be conerned aboutthe AC system (if equipped) as the early 90's was when manufacturers needed to switch away from freon to the current R34a coolant chemistry. The old freon is obsolete, and service is impossible, the only option is replace all AC equipment costing really big bucks. If it has the R134a coolant you are good to go as service and parts are readily available. My 94 Ford is R134a and needed a new compressor, and $300 later is working fine again.
This is far more important to me than handling poblems that are an easy fix, not neessarily cheap, but readily doable.
Not necessary to convert anything in a 93 Dodge. It can be filled with R134a and will work fine, My 92 is on year 2 of having done this and the air is nice and cold. No parts were required.

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