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Default 2015 Roadtrek RS E-Trek - Avoid it? or Consider it?

It's a very simple question and would love some Response ..

I've seen some good posts about the E-Trek but Mostly Bad Posts. I think this
is because most come to forums to figure out and/or complain about problems. Right?

But I'm looking at a E-Trek, 2nd Owner, with low miles, 23k.
It's a RS E-trek w/8 AGM Batteries and a 5000w Inverter.

The batteries were replaced at 8k by the dealer and sold the unit to the 2nd Owner. He's put 15k on it and is moving on from class B's. He's had Zero problems with the rig.

I can't find anything wrong with it.

So I'm going to put it to a test tomorrow. Boil some water on the induction, Crank up the convection oven to 425. Run the lights, the fridge and even thinking of running a 1500 watt space heater.

So, 9600 Watt Hours in the batteries should net about an hour running the inverter at 4000 watts ... right? Maybe a little more? Will the inverter shut off at low (half) battery? Will it Beep a Warning? I'll run through the Docs while I'm Sweating away in the RV.

Afterwards, what's the best way to test the charge? On the 24v Generator or with Shore Power?

Any other quirky things to check out in a 2015 RT RSEM E-TREK?

Love the Webasto Heater ... the unit is winterized so I can't test the water system... any issues with Webasto Water Heater?

Thx in Advance --- New to the Forum !!

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A simple response to your initial simple question (from the owner of a 2013 E-Trek that has served me well) - yes, Id consider it. Make sure it has a battery equalizer installed, which is highly likely if the owner has had zero problems. The Webasto diesel-fueled heat/hot water system has been very reliable. Id be skittish about buying without testing the plumbing under pressure and the Webasto water-heating functions. Good luck.

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Thx Arlo, glad to hear it..
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Default Roadtrek 2015

I have a 2015 ETrek also. While the Webasto heater is a good unit, I have had problems resulting from a failed drain valve. Replaced valve and unit never worked properly. Chased a solution and will pick up unit from dealer in NC with $2,200 repair bill. I think problem stemmed from failure of FL dealer to drain water aftfer each use. Unit sold 2 years after dealer first received unit. It's important to manually drain water after each use to prevent mineral build-up inside the dump valve. Also, need to check to make sure the water lines to the Webasto are installed properly to avoid CO from entering the system's return air duct. This is a safety recall stemming from Roadtrek bankruptcy. Also, if you have second-row captain's chair, they are involved in a recall because they failed a safety test. for more info, contact me at
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Default Etrek

We just sold our 2015 Etrek, to dealer, so we took a big hit.

Some of the things to check for, especially since no RT warranty:

Has battery equalizer been installed? This was to address the unequal battery charging because of the 12V/24V house bank setup.

Has Underhood GU Bracket been replaced with newer HD designed bracket. This was to address poor belt alignment and some cracking issues.

Does unit have the 2 extra captains seats? Seats failed Federal Safety Requirements. No current repairs, although rumored Rapido may be making design change (but at owner cost) Our seats were removed and replaced with factory optional cabinets prior to bankruptcy. Rapido should still have the cabinets specs.

There was a recall for the Webasto water heater duct work. And there were MB recalls for the airbags.

We really enjoyed out RT, just found another class B more suitable to our needs.
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Wonderful rig! The second row seat recall is likely to cost $1000+ to fix so Id use that as a negotiAting point.
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Default Etrek

We have a 2015 etrek with 8 AGM s. We bought it used 16 months ago and have put 20 thousand plus miles on it with no serious problems. We usually camp without hookups. The solar panel seems to handle the fridge indefinitely and the under hood generator recharges fully since we don't park for long periodically. We love it.
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Download manuals for your components, particularly the webasto heater. There are error codes and how to fix the problem. things like low voltage or low diesel can shut the unit off, but are quick easy fixes. Our unit came with a bunch of manuals for things it doesn't have and no manual for things it does.
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Default RE: Batteries

If it doesn't have a battery equalizer, you can still put one in yourself. I did and RT basically copied all the parts and installation. Mine installation was placed closer to the battery banks to have a shorter cable run. RT placed their equalizer above the rear driver side wheel well (under the side seat in the CS model Ethel). One thing I would check is the voltage of each battery when disconnected . They should be with .05 volts of each other. If that is the case, you don't have an issue at this time. The equalizer would help maintain equal voltages.

If the batteries voltages are not equal, you will likely have to replace the batteries or do a load test to be certain they are good. However, I personally would replace all the batteries because you want the batteries to be in similar condition. Replacing all eight batteries would be a significant cost plus about $300 dollars to get the parts for the equalizer (as I recall). I have photos of my installation, should you decide to go that route.
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I would be interested to know if you went ahead with this purchase. If you did I would encourage you to invest the time to understand the electrical system's behaviors. I have been on somewhat of a crash course since becoming aware of this forum and now understand that there are several operator error's which will quickly create battery issues. These are enabled by the underlying components, not just the wiring.

This for instance should theoretically never happen, but as a new owner I created the situation and did not appreciate it's implication.

Sorry! several failed attempts to insert a picture of the inverter reading a battery level of 44%.

I think the battery balancer may reduce the chance of this happening, but may not prevent it. I don't know, because I don't have one and can't test it.

2015 Roadtrek E-Trek
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2015 roadtrek e-trek

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