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Default Elect Contact ?

Sorry if my frequent posts are a PIA. At least the list has an ignore thread option. Anyways, I have a persistent problem with one of my negative battery
post ring connectors. It is constantly developing corrosion buildup on the ring itself which leads to intermittent connection and eventually failure.

Is this a dissimilar metal issue? I've had it happen on both a standard LA battery terminal (with a different connector) and on my LifeLine which I believe has brass terminals (can't swear to that). Solution? Seems to me that maybe I should solder on a brass ring (if I can find one). I've used dielectric grease in distributor of other vehicle but am unsure if that would solve problem (don't have any right now to test).

Advice, welcome! Thanks, glenn

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Is the connector a solid tapered lead post or is it a 3/8" threaded post? Since you have LifeLine AGM batteries it seems unlikely that you are getting the effects of H2SO4 fumes common with flooded batteries and since you are in Arizona it seems equally unlikely that you have an excessively humid atmosphere. That said something is causing your corrosion. First, I would check the terminal and the surrounding area for the presence of acid in the event that there is a leak in the battery. You can use pH strips or simply put on a few drops of baking soda solution and see if it bubbles. If that comes up negative there are anti-corrosion pads available from auto supply stores which might help. There are also battery anti-corrosion products available from Amazon:

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After buying my 2005 RT 210 I was converting the single battery to a pair of GC ones. In the process I noticed the 1" wire vent screens in the battery box were rusted closed. I replaced them with plastic louvered ones. Just could be your problem.
I have also had a problem with a battery venting around the base of one of the posts causing corrosion. I sealed it and solved the problem.
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I have used dielectric grease on other vehicles for that type of issue with good results.

Incidentally, our 2019 Plateau FL has Lithiums, yet also has a vent tube - maybe about
2" diameter if I recall, from the battery box to an external vent. I'm wondering why that is needed - maybe to ensure some air circulation? maybe in case someone switches to another type battery that needs venting? As far as I know lithiums are a sealed type of battery - mine are installed with connections on the side.

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