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Default Excess weight carrying capacity?

Question, my 2011 Sprinter 3500 has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 11,030 with the dual wheels .... and I had the vehicle weighed .. it's at 9400 with two passengers ... leaving approximately 1,620 pounds...

If I have a full tank of water, that decreases it another 300 pounds for a total of 1,320 which is enough for food, clothes, gear and whatever I want to take.. not too bad at all.

Is it possible that a Ram Promaster van with a 136 inch wheelbase ... much smaller than my 170 inch Sprinter and single wheels has more load carrying capability? With the dual wheels? The maximum weight capacity of the Promaster is around 8,500 pounds, while the curb weight of the vehicle is around 5,000 or so..

This is all so complicated.... I know that some Chevy 3500 Express vans have a very robust weight capacity .... but, none of them have dual wheels like the Sprinter either. The Chevy Express has a maximum weight capacity of 9,600 pounds.

Of course you always have to take into effect modifications.... what do you think?

I purchased the Sprinter for the excess carrying capacity... was this unnecessary?

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Nothing wrong with "excess" carrying capacity. It is like "excess money"... doesn't exist. Some of those ProMasters are on the ragged edge of what they can handle, especially with the fact that the tow hitch often gets stuff placed on it. Running at capacity wears out bearings, bushings, shocks, and many other things faster.

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You need to check the numbers again.
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Default which numbers.... mine or the Promaster?

Originally Posted by BBQ View Post

You need to check the numbers again.
Yeah, which one??
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You may be comparing apples to fruit salad.

As I stated in the other thread, my PM cargo capacity is a hair less than 4,000 pounds from bare metal box (curb weight 4657 lb) to that 8,550 lb max. My build plus occupants plus everything else, including food and water, maxed out for a long trip at 6,900 lbs, takes about half that capacity, leaving the other half for the cow.

For a fair apples to apples comparison, what is your "bare metal box" weight compared to your max capacity of 11,030 lbs, which given your dual wheels is logically significantly greater than my 8,550. It's going to be greater than my 4657 because that extra length and those extra wheels and axles weigh something, but how much?.

IOW, how much of my "cow" capacity is used up in your build by heavier/more upfitter construction materials/amenities?

PM may still be ahead, though, given that RAM touts the greatest load capacity in the cargo van category. Despite derogation from Sprinter folk, the PM is a mighty tough cookie.
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The PW 2018 Book I have does not give OCCC ratings, however a search came up with info (Actually an early post n this forum I believe) wherein the person posting had contacted PW for this and was given the figure of 1680# PW include a full tank of fuel and of propane in determining OCCC, so the remaining figure must be adequate for water, passengers, and all other carried cargo including any hitch wt..

Not sure how that stacks up with what you had understood. I don't think it would equate to more than the 3500 Sprinter though.


PS - relating to another thread you had going some time back on bike carriers - I believe you decided against it in the end and presume that is still the situation?

I wound up ordering a Wilco Off Road "Hitch Swing" that can handle 300lbs, (Have not received it yet - seems a pretty robust piece of kit!)

As well I bought a Swagman RV-Approved 4 bike hanging type carrier (will just be used for our two bikes) and also an aluminum cargo rack and bag.

Using a two receiver adapter I can mount the cargo rack (weighs 28Lbs empty) in combination with the bike rack. It will only be used to carry bulky but light wt stuff - outdoor mat, roll up table, small bbq etc to keep clutter out of the van. The cargo rack has a fitted bag.

I have weighed everything and believe it will be well within the limits of the racks and hitch and because the cargo rack is partly under the bikes, will not extend too far back.

Once the van arrives (later this month) and the Hitch Swing, I plan the cut and re-drill the hitch bars and compact everything as tight up to the back of the van as possible.

Fingers crossed all will work out ok! All the equipt seems quite substantially made!

This arrangement also gives me the flexibility to the bike rack and cargo rack separately of both together or none! I will likely leave the Hitchswing mounted and locked onto the van as it is fairly heavy. (much heavier than either of the two racks.)
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Not comparing to anything, but the door tag on my 2018 SS Agile states the the OCCC is 1419 lbs. And to subtract 300 lbs from that if I have a full tank of water.
For the OP, have you looked at your door tag for this information?

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