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Default front floor water leaks

We have a 2006 Pleasure Way Excel TS and we are having problems with the carpet in the front seat area getting wet. When we first got it we thought it might be the windshield but had that replaced. It seems to get wet when traveling in the rain. Only the floor (foot area) gets wet and not the upper parts or sides of the carpet. And I do mean wet. We assume it must be coming from underneath because it only happens when we travel when it is raining.

Anybody have this problem and what we might do to correct it?


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Leaks like that can be tough. I would not assume that it is coming from underneath. Lots of times leaks in skylights, porch lights, or any other penetration can manifest themselves only when rain is driven into them by high winds. Sometimes it is just perverse:
We had such a leak in our (horribly built) Airstream Interstate. Only happened while driving, and only at the start of a trip. Turned out that a clamp that held the fresh tank vent tube to its vent had never been tightened by the facgtory. When the tank was completely full, water would slosh out of the tube, get absorbed by the insulation between the van shell and the internal wall, and then slowly seep down onto the floor.

I'm sure that isn't your problem, but I present it as an example of how bizarre the problem can turn out to be.

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Tough to find, many times. Prime culprits are normally any of the perforations through the firewall or front floor. There can be lots of them. Wiring harness, throttle cable, parking brake cable, heater hoses, AC lines.

Of particular interest is always anything that enters the cabin that was done by the RV manufacturer and not the basic van build, as they then to no seal as well.

The doghouse cover can also be a big issue, especially if the RV manufacturer has put add on carpeting in the front over the factory mat. Anything pinched in the sealing area can cause a leak. You might even find a cover clamp that has come unhooked by a foot or vibration.

As evil a job as it sounds like, if there have been repeated wet carpet episodes, I would seriously consider pulling the seats and side trim pieces and remove the carpet and whatever other mats or padding is underneath. It takes forever for carpeting to dry and floor rust is probably the most common rust through place in vehicles. Best to get it opened up, dried, rust treated, and the leak area isolated all at once.
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Peel the carpet back and find the source. Leaks can lead to more problems. I start removing panels, flooring, whatever to find them. My 2cents.
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Beware of the potential for a/c-related condensation to form and cause wet spots in the front part of the cab. It happens in our 2006 T1N Sprinter-based rig, although not as extensively as what you seem to be describing.
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Default Pleasure way sprinter water leak

Our 2008 Sprinter Plateau TS has developed a leak just behind the rear passenger wheel. Our van is parked on a very slight slope and after heavy continuous rain (this has happened twice recently) there is a consistent dripping of water from behind the rear passenger wheel at the seam of the rear outside fender body area. Depending on the amount of rain it take about two days for the dripping to slow and stop, I'm thinking that the passenger side window is the culprit, I am thinking of taping off the window next time we have a rain "event" here in Los Angeles and see if it continues to leak, if that fail maybe drill a small hole in the bottom of the fender and insert a rubber grommet? Has anyone else experienced this type of leak? Any thoughts or advise would be much appreciated.

David & Angela
2008 Pleasure Way Plateau TS
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pleasure-way, water leak on carpet

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