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Default Insurance and Security Systems Ontario Canada

Hello Everyone,

We may be purchasing a Pleasure Way Lexor. I spoke to our insurance
about a price and they asked if we were going to install a security system and if we were going to have satellite tracking installed on the van. I had to say no for now, but wondered what you all do to protect yourself from theft.

We live near Ottawa, Ontario and are having a hard time getting a price. We are worried the cost is going to make this van unaffordable for us. Then I started thinking how smart it would be to have a some kind of tracker on the van in case it gets stolen or to keep an eye on the van when we are away.
Can anyone give me an idea of insurance costs in Ontario?

Its an expensive van, but we plan to use it a lot and maybe when we are done with it in 5 or more years we will still get a good price for it.

Thank you so much for your help,


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Patty.....we are in the same boat with you, in Toronto looking for insurance, as we get delivery in Nov, so we still have a few months to get different quotes. We haven't had that question regarding security/tracking yet. I will keep you posted what we find out.

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Cool Security and Dash cams - and Solar

Hi everyone,
We have a 2018 LEXOR. Pleasure-way vans built from 2016 forward have factory solar. We installed a Wyze ($20) security cam in our van. It works in our driveway (connected to our home wifi) and sends a text when motion or sound is detected. We can monitor it by remote viewing (app on phone) any time day or night (cam has Infared). The best part is that we connected the cam to the USB port on the GoPower solar panel, so it uses always-on(free) power, well, at least if there is sun. We live in California so for us it always has power.

Now, if you were to go boondocking, you would have to provide wifi by way of a hotspot or whatever.

We are interested in installing a dash cam, but also want to connect it to solar so that it doesn't drain our car battery or shut itself off. 2nd choice to solar would be to connect it to the chassis battery, which is replenished by solar. I have a query into Pleasure-way about where we might be able to connect the dash cam to solar. Possibly there is a always-on solar fuse to connect to in the fuse box. Probably though, we will have to connect under the ottoman.

I realize you asked about alarms but did you know that many new dash cams have alarms, text notices, and gps functions. We will be following responses here and also posting any info that we get from Pleasure-way.
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Getting back to your original question. Lojack has been the original standard for classical cars for years. I'm not sure if this is what your insurer has in mind.

Back in 2000 I did a frame up restoration of a 1962 Corvette and proceeded to use it as my daily driver to work for many years. The lojack (although I never bought one) was the go to system for classic car owners. Other GPS options are available.

I'm not sure which, if any, your insurance company has in mind. You should probably check and see what they recommend (or what qualifies for any kind of discount that they might offer). Since my RV is old (97) that type of security isn't a priority. But I can see how recent models might be given the cost of the investment/replacement.

Good luck.
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We are also near Ottawa. (CP). We have our Roadtrek insured with Desjardins full coverage reasonable price.
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Default Roadtrek Insurance

Hi there,

We have a 2006 RT 210P and have made many upgrades with receipts to prove it. Our insurance is with Economical in Ontario. Reasonably priced. We just made sure that our agent upped the value of our RT based on the upgrades and today's market.

We have a dash cam, but no tracking device.

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Hello Patty,

We have a 2019 Plateau FL that we received in Sept. 2018. We got insurance through our broker, and had no questions other than details of the vehicle, how much coverage we wanted and what deductible.

For $2 million liability and $1000 deductible, it cost us $1475 Can. for a year. We live in Burlington Ont.

Hope that helps please PM me if you want any more info!

Best regards .......... Brian
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We live in Kingston, ON and have a Roadtrek Ranger RT (2014) with full insurance coverage thru Echelon and we are slightly under $800 per year.
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I live in Ottawa and I have a brand new 2020 Pleasure Way Tofino.. I pay $940.00/year.. My broker put it as a rider on my car's insurance so both have same policy number. I have no security installed but an looking at various including gps tracker and simple ones like a wheel boot and steering wheel lock..

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