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Default New RV Purchase

Thanks to those who provided recommendations for dealers to consider as we prepare to order / purchase a new Travato 59k.

Do you think we will be opening up a can of worms to ask each dealership we are considering to let us see the prep charges, fees, advertising fees, etc. associated with a typical purchase from their dealership?

I would expect a vehicle ordered and shipped to their dealership would have fewer carrying charges compared to a vehicle sitting on their lot for 6 months?

We would rather order than take from stock despite any discounts that could be gained. We will take advantage of low season unless a 'deal we cannot refuse' emerges.

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It is not out of line to get that information at all, and is a very good idea for everyone. When you get a final price, be it either an in stock or order, get it in writing with a signed note on it that the price includes all the paperwork and such and is an "out the door" price. Dealers always want to add undisclosed stuff at the final purchase, often saying they are "state required", or some other dodge. Prep should be disclosed, or waived, as it really should be part of the cost of doing business. You should also have it down what is included, like a full tank of fuel, propane, etc.

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You can ask, but I think your going to get the "shuffle"....what they add-on for advertising and other "mark-ups." I take it you were satisfied with the figures to close the deal - I would take that and enjoy that new home.
Ron J. Moore
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always ask for an OTD price.

Do not have any emotional attachment to a vehicle- they don't.

When buying my pick-up, I walked right out the door when they started adding extra costs.
cash purchase, no trade, no financing.

And called the other dealer..went and got my new truck from them.
- now they tried adding $500 for a dealer installed alarm system- I insisted i would not pay, I wanted it removed and the trim panel drilled for the flashing LED replaced.
So they waived the fee. the "alarm" installed was in reality just an led tied into teh factory alarm...

I have walked from other dealers when presented with costs above agreed upon deal.

As long as you have time on your side, decide wisely what to do with your money

in terms of a car ( maybe not RV) on lot- in many cases the manufacturer will pay an incentive to the dealer- if they sell before 90 or 120 days- they make more than the uglying ducking on the lot for 6 months.
when buying cars, I look at stock on hand and the sticker and other documentation will give an idea of when the dealer hold back ( incentive) expires) that''s the one they want to sell asap.


the first you see what you are buying

the second, you hope they get it right- 'cause what shows up is yours.and you are paying for it even if it is delayed

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When we bought our last new car 9 years ago, they did the same stuff. It was a written quote, but waiting for the right color to show up. It did show up, but there was a price increase in between those times because they did a transfer to get it, and expected us to pay it. We refused. Then they added a transfer fee and said that the state requires it, but the state only ALLOWS it up to an amount. We refused that also. They said pay or we are cancelling the sale, but got a lot more cooperative when we showed them the written, signed, quote with an out the door price, and a promise from us that if we paid the extra, they would give it back in small claims court plus some extra. Not pleasant to do, but DW didn't really want to walk as she had already waited months for it to show up.

On top of it all, when we filled out the Honda buyer satisfaction survey and didn't give them all top scores, they called and wanted us to change the ratings. Didn't happen.

We had similar issues with the Roadtrek, but they backed off as soon as we said no to the extra stuff.
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