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My wife and I found many things to like about the Activ 1.0 and 2.0. However, the number one reason it was dropped from consideration was the bathroom size. I would not go so far as to say it is impossible to use but most folks of average build will have to be a contortionist to use it. If larger than average, I think it may just be for emergencies with the door open. On two Activ's we saw, one had a toilet paper holder that was about to fall off. The other Activ's holder was already gone. Probably easily knocked off in the cramped space plus attached to thin wall board. If I layed a bit diagonally, the bed was workable. There certainly were other aspects that had great appeal but the bathroom size in particular totally knocked it out of practical contention. The cassette for the toilet as well as it's 4.6 gallon (or whatever it was under 5 gal) is almost a novelty for two people with attention to who used it for how many times and types of use. One person might find it somewhat better but it tends to be closer to carrying around a bag to capture a pets waste. Good for emergencies for sure. Carrying a spare cassette could make it more practical in cases were dumping the only cassette you have is still not at convenient points in time on a trip. But now you have to find a place to store a spare cassette inside the coach unless you have a CarryAll type box or trailer to store it in. Or a hitch tray. if someone steals the cassette strapped down there, then your out a few bucks. Planned use for these is at a different level than a conventional waste system.

The size of the Travato 59G and 59K bathrooms combined with the fitments used is overall the best that I know of in a Class B. If you had a steady supply of water and heating, you could take a regular shower. But even with the necessary shorter spurts of water use, we have found the shower in the 59K we purchased, a pleasure to use. Surprisingly, we expected putting up and taking down the curtain in the 59K to not be an issue at all. The curtain seems to dry itself very quickly; must be something about the material used. There is a slight inconvenience of where to put soap and shampoo. We found we just set them on the toilet lid after taking them out of the excellent medicine cabinet w/also excellent quality mirror. We just reach around the curtain to get the soap bar or small "travel" bottle of shampoo we setup to fit in the medicine cabinet when done. I considered adding a unit available on the market that would dispense soap and shampoo, and would sticky-back locate in the corner of the shower near the shower head & gooseneck hose. I decided against it because you know there will always be a slight drip from the dispensers bottom-nozzles along with eventual build up of soap & shampoo scum on the nozzles. Maybe floor staining over time. Bar in an open plastic box and small soap bottle on the toilet lid work fine.

There are advantages to the 59G's bathroom layout and it has a nicer sink. However, the 59G bed was a no-go for the two of us. Whoever gets the wall side of the bed has to partially crawl over the other person to get in our out, and that will happen. Myself at 6'-2" would pretty much have to be the one blocking the door way, and my ankles would be overhanging the bed at the doorway. While there were ways to compromise our positions on the bed, it was just that, a compromise. Too bad because we like the table/small bench seat up front.

Overall, the nearly as large and very comfortable to use bathroom of the 59K and the twin bed setup was the one we went with. More windows too. AC unit also not right above your head which as FITRV pointed out, means the noise and the air movement is a bit too close to you in the 59G. The noise alone (either model) of the AC on low or high is enough to drown out practical use of the TV at the same time, if you use the TV. The entertainment system in the 59K is very good as it has enough ooomph to deal with the AC systems noise, once you figure out how to manage the radios controls. Get the App for the smartphone; it makes working the entertainment system a bit more intuitive. Dont forget to turn off the outside speakers at night because by default, that JENSON system in the K has A, B and C (C are outside) speakers turned on when power first applied and system turned on.

If the throne, shower and sink are going to be used some or a lot, the 59G and 59K head and elbow room are very much worth consideration over most other non-rear bathroom floor plans on the market. You will find similar roominess in the rear bathrooms of even the lowest price models such as the EHNG/Camping World Sunlight models.

As for the twin bed setup in the 59K, Sunlight, Banff, etc, my wife and I would prefer a single queen that we did not have to setup/take down. However, the twins with aisle to get up and move around has actually worked out perfectly. We are close enough to each other, just no snuggling up. But for the trips we take, we usually zonk out instantly anyway. If I get up to raid the kitchen or something, no disturbance to the other. And the bed "springs" used in the Travato along with a pretty decent mattress means we sleep well.

VoltStart was really tempting. The new L models of the Travato 59's, also tempting. But the added expense and for us, the real world use of it negated the added price. We like the larger windows in our 2018, albiet single pane. Totally happy with the entire package. Your needs might fit the Activ just fine. Just really, really check out the bathroom and bed setup.


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We have a 2017 Travato K and share you views. It suits us perfectly. Like you, the G model is not for us for many reasons. We did not consider the other manufacturers you mentioned and have not seen anything else we like better than the K.

Safe travels.

2017 Travato K
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The original poster said he was interested in a G. I’m 230 lbs and 6’3”, and find the G shower great. The G bed is also wonderful for us, and we don’t “crawl” over one another to get in and out. Like most things in a B, you quickly figure out a system on how to move around comfortably without getting in each other’s way. We quickly learned to “slide” off the end of the bed - no crawling involved.
As far as the aktiv, I sat on the stool in one, and couldn’t close the bathroom door. The shower (as you found out), would be unmanageable.
One thing that hasn’t been mentioned, is that although the shower is perfectly comfortable to use (and the water heater works great by the way), be aware the water TANK is just over 20 gallons - and the gray tank around 10, so without being “hooked up”, you would have limited morning showers.

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daily shower, hymer aktiv, travato 59g

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