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  1. Overthehorizon
    Hi Booster

    I have a 2011 190 and have been trolling for over a year. I absorbed much of what was written regarding suspension mods but I guess I had not read recently. Your postings of last summer about the issues you had with Bill Erb springs has now caught my attention.

    I am currently driving down the West coast from Canada heading to see Bill Erb having decided getting back to factory ride height was desireable to help save my plumbing.

    Having now seen your issue with Bill's springs, I suddenly am getting cold feet. Bill does sound knowledgeable and has a "get it done" attitude that I appreciate.

    I had discussions with Tuftruk last year, was offered prototype springs, but that all fizzled for some production relate reason.

    I conclude from the forum that Bill Erb was the best option. I was disappointed that Bill did not respond to your issues with his product. Continued

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