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lightspeed 11-21-2008 05:14 PM

a slide in camper conversion for ford areostar vans
i have kicked around the idea to create a slide in conversion for the ford areostar vans in another words something on low profile heavy duty caster wheels ,that would be made on a plywood with rug or vinyl floor covering and cabinets built in it would be open on the rear end part of the cabinet to allow it to slide in over the rear fender wells . mabey even have optional cabinets that would attach to the top of some countertops . this of course would have a strong place that would have a hook to pull it in with a comealong same way taking it out . once in place blocks etc would keep it in place not to move forward or backward , of course a person would need a dock ramp same height as areostar rear door entrance to have something like this so they can remove it if they ever wanted to . this would only be for someone who may later want the kit out of the van (maybe to put it in another better ford areostar van . anyway just an idea for what its worth !! :)

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