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MagicBox 06-18-2020 05:07 PM

Hey from NC
RV cheating if we post here and don't own an RV yet?

My wife and I will be buying a used Roadtrek in a couple weeks but we are so excited I'm going to go ahead and post now.
The corona virus got us considering an RV for the first time. We have been concerned about staying in hotels and certainly didnt want to fly for a while. So the choice was stay home or get an RV and travel. We've got kids on the west coast that thought they were safe from our visits.........until now ("Surprise, and we can stay as long as we want!").

My wife and I do everything together, we even ride a tandem bicycle. So we think we are RV material.
Fun fact, though: we have never rented an RV, never even been in one. Didnt want to risk germs in a rental. We dont own a truck so trailers were out of the running. From lurking on this site we thought a class b would be a good starting point.
We are very excited about traveling and look forward to gaining knowledge from this site (um, besides "try before you buy").

So, whats this summer look like? Booked up, less camp sites available?

New Bs

mkguitar 06-18-2020 05:27 PM

Hi and Welcome

You can search for my posts for "newbies" - i pretty much offer my same ( narrow) opinion to new buys or "B-Curious"

There are brands other than roadtrek

The B is probably the most expensive cubic ft RV you can find, and each version is a pile of compromises.
It is important to define your priorities and the factors which you don;t care about ( for us, big bed fore and aft, don;t need 3rd or 4th seats )
Energy use and generation is a real factor if you want to be off the grid for days at a time.
older like mine use propane for stove, water heater and fridge ( also ac/dc), a genny for ac power air con and microwave, and 12 volt dc batteries for tv and lights
There are all kinds of "new tech" which are common subject of discussion here

we looked at many RV's and found in the end a perfect match and have a number of 3 & 4 week trips

The B advantage is mpg, ease of driving and parking

For a rapid run across country, walmarts are an easy overnight stop to rest and then hit road in the morning

We did rent- in Ireland, and the camper van appealed to us- at an age where getting out of a tent at 5am to pee was just not appealing anymore

Cheers, Mike

tgregg 06-18-2020 07:38 PM


If you're old enough to have kids that live 3000 miles away, maybe your old enough for a 'golden age pass' from us govt.

If so then National Park, National Forest, Bureau of Land Mgt and Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds are half price and one type or another is pretty much everywhere in US. Even at full price they're more reasonable than state parks or commercial RV parks.

An app like Allstays can find them and they are much nicer than a Walmart parking lot.

Good luck

mkguitar 06-18-2020 07:56 PM

replaced by the "Senior Pass " program

I gotta wait a few months ( 62)

Bobow 07-02-2020 06:08 PM

I had never been in an RV of any sort prior to buying my 1998 190 Roadtrek. Beautiful ride, easy drive, and lots of fun times crossing the US, California to West Virginia. Love the classic lines of the older Roadtreks. Paid $20,000 in 2012, 95,000 miles and everything works and in mighty fine shape. See photo. GO FOR IT!! Bob

tomiverson 07-03-2020 01:19 AM

Senior pass if you qualify. Great deals on federal forests, parks, and open spaces. You will learn a new meaning for BLM.
Boondockers daughter has good experience with this.
Other clubs are worth checking out...if you like to stay at farms, wineries and golf courses, Harvest? I think.
Other clubs....buyer beware. Read reviews.
Put 40k on our Roadtrek in last 4 years. They are great, but budget for regular repairs and maintenence like any RV.
Know your length, height, and weight. Google Maps routed me over a rural bridge that posted a weight limit 1,000 pounds below us. Well, we made it. ;-)

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