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Barman 03-18-2009 01:15 PM

Snyder's fan kits
I just want to pass on to the readers on this forum the latest news on Stu Snyder, the maker of the fan kits for your refrigerators. I talked to Stu last night, and here is the latest. He was having personal problems at home for the past couple of months, and it really affected his business. He told me that he is back on track now, and that he is making and selling the fan kits again. He knows that their is a problem with his web site, and he is working with the company that does his web page to get things fixed. He said that in the mean time you can call him at home M-F after 7 PM eastern, cause he works during the day. His number is 570-223-7872. He also said you can e-mail him at He sells the fan kits for $40.95 and will ship anywhere in the U.S. for $10.00. He told me that he attended a Roadtrek rally in Amish country here in Ohio last fall, and over a 2-day period he installed about 25 of the fan kits for the Roadtrek owners. He said that if you own a 210 model RT, it installs pretty fast because you do not have to pull the fridge to install it. On the 170s and 190s you do have to pull the fridge. I installed my own a couple of years ago, and It took me 2 1/2 hours to do the complete job. It wasn't hard, just took time to do it right. It was well worth the time spent, cause the Dometic works great now. For anyone out there with a class B, that is not happy with the performance of the fridge, I highly recommend this inexpensive modification. For the owners of class B units other than a Roadtrek, I would say that if you go out and look at your access grill work where your fridge is, and if your grill can be removed to get access to where the cooling fins are at the top rear of your fridge, you could install this kit without pulling the fridge. If yours is like mine was, where you can not even see those cooling fins, then you would have to pull the fridge to do the job. Hope this information helps those that are in need of better fridge performance. :)

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