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Ron 06-16-2009 10:03 PM

Low continuous whining/humming sound
Had my 2002 Dodge RoadTrek serviced, (oil-filter changed) at my local Chrysler/Dodge dealership, informed the mechanic that I had a low continuous whining/humming sound, which could be heard inside the vehicle. The sound was only when the vehicle engine was running either in motion or standing.

In my presence prior to the RT being serviced the mechanic did hear the low continuous whining/humming sound being in the center of the RT under the floor, where the gas tank is located.

After the vehicle was serviced the mechanic and his service manager checked for the whining/humming sound, it was determined the cause being the fuel pump as it is the original, (7 years old).

According to the service manager the fuel pump as it gets older will make the continuous whining/humming sound, he also said the sound could possibly get louder as the fuel pump ages, but not to worry about it.

Should the sound get worse I will replace the fuel pump, if that is the problem.

Also, I was wondering if other owners of an older RT Dodge or Chevy have had the same problem with a low continuous whining/humming sound, and if indeed it was the fuel pump.


VernM 06-17-2009 12:17 AM

Re: Low continuous whining/humming sound
The fuel pump on my GMC conversion van is now 15 years old. I can hear it run if I'm outside of the van after starting it, but you have to pay attention to sort out its sound. I'd say having it loud enough to hear inside is cause for replacement. Preventive maintenance is the best kind.

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