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topwop 04-16-2021 08:00 PM

06 Roadtrek 210 Popular A/C roof gasket?
I have a 2006 Roadtrek 210 Popular and was wondering if anyone has ever had to replace the a/c rooftop gasket? If so where do you find the replacement gasket?

GroupB 04-18-2021 05:11 AM

I have a 2008 210 and replaced the ac, but don't recall there being any gaskets in the set-up. There was sealant around the front of the ac where it passes through the body. Likewise with the wiring harnesses. If there are gaskets needing replacement, my approach would be to use sealant in its place. To make components easily separable, I use a thin film of oil on one side of the sandwich, although this is sometimes ineffective with a good urethane sealant. Works fine with silicone.

topwop 04-18-2021 12:35 PM

The "gasket" I'm referring to is actually on top of the RV. It's a cover over the unit with about 8-10 screws holding it down with what I would assume is a gasket underneath to seal it after repair or replacement of the a/c unit.
When you changed out your unit did you take off the roof cover?
Last year we discovered a leak and after using mans best friend, duck tape, around the top edge the leak stopped so I figured now was the time to get up there and replace it.

GroupB 04-19-2021 12:27 AM

Yes, the top cover was removed when the ac was replaced. Don't remember a gasket on the cover. My recollection is that the cover didn't look like it was meant to be water tight but don't have any pictures to confirm. The cover screws into well nuts anchored into he fiberglass roof. I believe the nuts can be a source of leakage if they come loose. Other possibilities are the ac hold down screws, the marker lights, and of course failed sealant around the ac or wires.

booster 04-19-2021 01:11 AM

No seal on that cover. It is held on by screws that go into inserts in a flange under the cover, that is formed like a channel to carry the water, mostly, to the rear. It is quite common for the inserts to come loose and leak or the sealer on them to leak after a while.

If you try to remove the screws to get the cover off to look at what is going on, you may find some corroded into the inserts so the inserts spin or pull out and would need to be repaired. Getting the inserts sealed well and a clear path for water draining will help any leak issues, but some still have them.

topwop 04-20-2021 03:43 PM

Thanks for your help guys! I'll probably tackle the job this weekend, if the snow we're supposed to get today is gone and it warms up a bit:lol:

jschurman 04-22-2021 05:30 PM

I had a small leak from my rooftop[ AC. I tightened the screws visible from inside. It has not leaked again, in two plus years. Start there if you can.

CareyM 04-22-2021 05:45 PM

call a big roadtrek gold dealer like fretz rv in pa. give them your VIN as k whether it takesspecial WELL NUTS. VIN. some 06 ac roof panels were held down by special 'well nuts.' the design changed mid--06. (NB chevy VIN year of manufacturer is usually a year earlier than the RT sale date so don't go by RT year go by VIN. . ) when these well nuts are removed, or tightened too much they no longer hold the roof down tight and you need to replace the well nuts. the later models RT 06-07 on have regular old fasteners you can buy at a big box store. MY old 05 had the well nuts, the roof was replaced to run some wries. the roof started leaking. fretz my dealer confirmed that mine needed 'well nuts'. so i bought them and no leaks after. on my 07 RT 190 , the old fashioned fasteners were used. now, i tape the 07's ac roof panel with gorilla tape to make sure i have no leaks...

ChicagoTom 04-22-2021 07:01 PM

On units like mine, sit in a well on the roof, you nee to make sure you're parked with the nose up at least slightly to avoid water during rain. They are setup to drain toqards the rear end.

Swishewk 05-21-2021 01:27 PM

Foam Tape
I just bought a roll of foam tape at the hardware store. Works perfectly

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