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markopolo 07-24-2009 04:43 PM

'05 Roadtrek - remove seat drawers
Member Tom T asked:


I have a 2005 Versatile with two seats behind the driver and passenger front seats. They sit on a wooden base with a sliding drawer under the seat.

How can I remove the drawers? There are sliders on both side of the drawer with some cabinet hardware that should release the drawer from the sides of the wooden base, but am not able to engage for removal.

Any suggestions? Thanks need some help.
and got a very helpful and informative response from Roadtrek:


Hi Tom,

I believe the drawers in that unit are on 3-piece ball bearing sliders. These sliders have a black plastic lever to allow them to come apart. Because the sliders are universal the lever will either go up or down depending on which side of the drawer they are on. I have attached a picture that should help. If the lever will not move, push the drawer back in a little bit.

Also, the driver side drawer has to be partially disassembled to get it out because it is so close to the front drivers seat. There should be some wing bolts inside it to take it apart. Unfortunately I do not have one of those here to take pictures of. Current vehicles do not have that configuration.

Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc.

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