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rocketman 12-04-2010 03:48 PM

2008 Roadtrek Agile SS
I'm a newbie to both the forum and the world of RVs.
As noted I have a Roadtrek Agile SS.
I have an issue with my house batteries running down. It charges up fine but after siting overnite the batteries will be run down enough that the unit blocks useage so the batteries will not continue to drain. I've pulled all of the 12 volt system fuses and switched the romote switch of the inverter off to try to see if I could find a problem but it still drains.
Any thoughts?

markopolo 12-04-2010 09:59 PM

Re: 2008 Roadtrek Agile SS
I'd check to make sure all compartment lights are off first. Then, if your TV antenna is powered, make sure it is off. Make sure the fridge is not on DC.

I'd guess that the current draw must be one amp hr or higher to drain a deep cycle battery overnight.

Mike 12-05-2010 11:54 PM

Re: 2008 Roadtrek Agile SS
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Agree with markopolo's suggestions. I'm not familiar with the lighting in the Agile
but I have at least one coach battery fed courtesy light in the left/driver's side outside
storage compartment, that could probably kill a battery. I have 2 Deka GR27 AGMs in my
'02 190P, and since switching to them I haven't had any issues with overnight drain, but
the older wet cells I replaced were always suspect, to say the least. Too much care and
maintenance for me. I usually leave the coach batteries enabled overnight, to run the
furnace if it comes on in the cold, the propane and CO detectors are always on, and the
water pump for toilet flushing, and whatever lights we might use, and we often watch TV
for a while before we sleep if there's any in the area, or I set up my satellite, and I haven't
drained them yet.
But I switched most of my coach lights to LEDs 2 years ago. You might want to look into
switching as many 12V DC lights over to LED comparables. I think it really helps me to save
power when on batteries. I only have one or 2 coach lights that are still incandescent, the
2 overhead cab map lights, just for the brightness, and because they don't get much use
any way.
Another thought just occurred. I know there's not much room behind the battery in the
slide out tray, or clearance above it when the thing is in the stored position. It might be
a short from an exposed cable, or some sort of contact with an exposed terminal or clamp,
or some moisture in the battery compartment causing it to short to ground overnight.
Although it wouldn't explain a battery drain necessarily, check your cables and battery clamps
for corrosion inside the connections where the wire attaches to the actual clamp. When I still
had my wet cells and had problems with them, marko suggested I look for a bad cable. As
it turned out, I did have one cable corroded inside the connection. When I pulled on the
cables to test them, I pulled one of the the wires out of the clamp. Sorta like these.

Here's a link to a Sprinter based battery drain discussion on another site which might
help or give you some ideas, too. ... ging/1.cfm

Johnny R 12-06-2010 03:23 AM

Re: 2008 Roadtrek Agile SS
If you've pulled all the fuses, the battery itself or the wiring to the fuse block is likely the cause. Use a multi-meter to check for possible continuity on each wire between the fuse holder (live side) and ground. other shoughts: Short in the battery? Battery sitting on cement pad? Battery will drain through the bottom if sitting on wrong surface. Wood or plastic is good, cement or metal is not good.

rocketman 12-07-2010 02:22 PM

Re: 2008 Roadtrek Agile SS
Yeah - it still did it with all the fuses out. I had already checked the continuity and found some on the refrig circuit - thought it would resovle the issue when I pulled that fuse but no such luck. I quess the frig deal is a separate issue.
I tried what I thought was all the basic stuff but this system is too sophisticated for me.

At this point, I should have the batteries checked.
Any other ideas would be appreciated.

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