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Ron 04-12-2011 07:10 PM

Dumping systems used by several RV Manufactures
Checking on Class B's & C's as to which system they use for dumping in their units:


COACH HOUSE: Their owners and engineers prefer not to use macerators based upon personal experience in both RV's and boats. If there is a problem with the macerator pump functioning properly what do you do? One of the owners had this happen on a boat out in the Gulf of Mexico and had no way to resolve the problem. Valterra valves are less prone to issues, and is what they use.

FREE FLIGHT & FREEDOM 11 SENERITY units are being discontinued.

GTRV: They install very few flush toilets as most of their customers choose to use a porta potti to conserve space. On the flush toilets that they have done they have all been the sewer hose from a black water tank.

PLEASURE-WAY: Standard expandable sewer hose

JAYCO: We include a standard expandable sewer hose in all of our
motorhomes. It's a 3" x 20 feet hose in the Embark; 4" x 25 feet in the
Greyhawk, Melbourne and Seneca.

NEXUS: They have a free flow dump system: Sewer Hose.

ROADTREK: Older Models: Sewer Hose - Newer Models: Macerator Pump

SAFARI CONDO: Majority of units equipped with a cassette toilet, portable tank, models with black tank are not equipped with a macerator pump, they are equipped with the sewer hose.

SPORTSMOBILE: They install both, it is up to their customers which system they want.

WINNEBAGO: They install both.

Sounds like a good idea of letting the buyer choose which dumping system they prefer.


Mike 04-12-2011 08:19 PM

Re: Dumping systems used by several RV Manufactures
Or, not giving a choice, but rather installing both as redundant systems.

Ron J. Moore 04-12-2011 11:33 PM

Re: Dumping systems used by several RV Manufactures
I believe most of the folks who bought a RT with the macerator starting in '06 would have been very satisfied, but it seems that they had problems with the hose and other repeated complaints. Like I mentioned in another topic, I installed mine about a year after buying my RT and received everything from RV Sani-Con , to include their collapsible hose and nozzle which has performed flawlessly and I've never had a puncture. Of course this hose cost considerably more than the original RT installation, but I would think think this is an area where quality would be paramount. A lot of folks prefer the blue hose to any mechanical dump system - everybody gets a choice I guess. Safe travels.

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