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markopolo 01-28-2013 08:03 PM

Parks Canada - Proposed User Fees - Public input needed
I stumbled upon this:

Public Consultations on Proposed User Fees ... ation.aspx


Parks Canada is consulting on proposed changes to its national and local fees for services such as entry and camping starting in 2013. These consultations will run from January 11 until February 18. Your views are important to us!
To provide comments to Parks Canada on the proposed 2013 fees, please do so:

or By Mail
Parks Canada Agency
2013 Fees Consultation Brand Experience Branch
25 Eddy Street, 6th floor (25-6-T)
Gatineau, QC K1A 0M5

It doesn't matter where you are from; Canada, America, Europe, Australia etc. If you've visited or plan to visit the parks in Canada send them your comments. Give them the positives and the negatives. Let them know how Canadian park fees compare to other places etc. It is a rare opportunity to do so. The deadline is February 18 so do it now!

Also post this info elsewhere like other forums and Facebook so people get a chance to respond.

I'll lock this particular topic but feel free to post any comments about your experiences in Canada's parks in the Places & Routes section of this forum here:

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