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treker 08-07-2013 09:07 PM

water leak in a 2006 roadtrek 210 versatile
Hi this is my first time on a forum. I can tell I will be sitting at the computer for awhile. I just got back from a short trip and noticed a leak coming from under the shower stall in one corner, toilet corner. I didn't use the shower so the drains are fine. There is not leaks at any of the connections bathroom taps or toilet. It doesn't leak if the water is turned off so it only leaks under pressure. I dried it and then did some tests. The problem and question I have before I take it in is how does a person access the water line or hoses that go from the connections to say the toilet etc the shower stall is one unit. There is no little door or openings to check what is happening under the shower. I have checked all around the toilet filled it with water nothing leaking so I assume it is a water line leaking under pressure. They manual shows the drain locations but not the water lines. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Thank you in advance

Mike 08-07-2013 10:39 PM

Re: water leak in a 2006 roadtrek 210 versatile
I'm not familiar with the specific model you're dealing with, but if you go to and register your unit with them (name, address, year/model, VIN), you could ask your question. They prefer you be registered, helps them identify the exact specs for the year and model, and they may have had a report of something like this one before. They could also advise you how to get at the plumbing, or if it's better handled by a dealer. Might be worth a go? I think I sent them a note asking how to register my 2002 C190P - I believe I sent the question/info to but it was a few years ago.

How close is the roof air conditioner to the leak location? Could it, or something else, be condensing the humidity in the air, and dripping near it, causing it to look like a leak? I guess the amount of water leaking is the answer to that theory? Did you encounter any (driving) rain during your trip? Perhaps a window or other (rooftop?) seal is leaking?

Wish I could be more help, sorry.
Good luck with it.

markopolo 08-07-2013 10:47 PM

Re: water leak in a 2006 roadtrek 210 versatile
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I'm not familiar with your 210 Versatile either :(

Mike's suggestion to contact RT service is a good place to start.

Does your 210 have the Permanent Bathroom option introduced in 2005?

treker 08-07-2013 11:10 PM

Re: water leak in a 2006 roadtrek 210 versatile
Thanks Mike I sent a reply but I don't think I did it right so here goes again. The picture of that 210 bathroom is exactly like mine except the drain is against the outside wall. We have not had any rain for 30 days. I didn't use the air conditioner and it is not close to the bathroom. There is no bathroom window or window close to the leak even if water does run plus I dried the spot as this is a small leak must have just started. I used a blow dryer then did some test........ the only time it started to slowly wick water into the floor board under the shower( which I could see by using a hand mirror) was when I turned the outside water on.I have a water regulator on the line also. The roof is fiberglass and I just waxed it before the trip and it is in excellent shape. I keep my unit in tip top shape. I used to drive a Motorhome since the late 70's and in those days you really had to on top of things. I am a women so I try to be a knowledgeable as possible so I don't get taken advantage of. I winterize the unit so nothing froze.

treker 08-07-2013 11:12 PM

Re: water leak in a 2006 roadtrek 210 versatile
I forgot to mention as I put it in the first reply that didn't go through that I contacted Roadtrek Service but no reply to date. I hope I hear from them to know if you can access the water line that may be running between the walls or floor etc.

Mike 08-07-2013 11:23 PM

Re: water leak in a 2006 roadtrek 210 versatile
Try to be patient, as it usually takes at least a few days for to get back to you. I guess they're probably pretty busy with all the different models they have to support for their large and growing customer base.
Worst case scenario, it will require a trip to a dealer, as there may be some dis-assembly required to access the plumbing, but I'm thinking there's just some trick to getting at it, that's not obvious. Perhaps the access is from the outside, or from under the van body somewhere. Or from an adjacent cupboard or cabinet.
Give it a few more days. I believe there is a phone number for contact, but I've always used email and waited.
There's a list of authorized Roadtrek Dealers and Service centers on here available for download. It's a raw .csv file format for processing by the poi loader for a Garmin nuvi GPS unit. You can also just browse the .csv file for names and addresses of service centers near you.
Link to thread
viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1778&p=8353&hilit=roadtrek+poi #p8353

markopolo 08-08-2013 12:27 AM

Re: water leak in a 2006 roadtrek 210 versatile
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I looked at the plumbing schematic in the 2005 210 manual: ... Rev-02.pdf

There's only the hot and cold water supply pipes on that side that are pressurized.

I mention that because I foolishly tore apart the bathroom walls in my van trying to find a leak under the bathroom. I noticed a drip on the ground outside. The leak only occurred when the water system was pressurized. I managed to access the plumbing behind the walls only to find it was all OK. :rolleyes: The leak actually originated at the water heater in the rear of my van. The water was traveling between the plywood subfloor and the ribbed metal floor of the van and dripping outside where a hole for the shower drain plumbing was cut in the metal floor.

Unlike my van, yours does not have the water heater on that side so it does seem like the leak in yours is coming from either the hot or cold water supply pipes going to the bathroom.

Roadtrek does not recommend using pressurized air to blow out the lines for winterizing so I won't suggest that you empty all pipes and pressurize the system with air to about 20 psi and listen for the hiss of escaping air. It would be better to get in touch with Roadtrek first.

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