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ontheroad 02-20-2014 11:08 PM

2006 Gulfstream MB Cruiser
I have a friend that was interested in the new Travato but decided not to buy it.
Now she is looking at a 2006 Gulfstream MB Cruiser. I believe it's the G28.

There were other treads here discussing the tankless water heater (is it gas, electric or both) but the question was never answered and I can't find the answer anywhere. Can anyone answer this? Any detail on this heater?

Next, the fridge. It's 120/12V, no propane. Any idea how often a battery charge would be required while boondocking?
It's my understanding that a single group 31 is the most battery that will fit this unit.

And lastly, the engine. It's the MB 5 cylinder diesel, I believe 2.7L. From what I have read this seems to be a good engine. Any feedback on this?

Thanks for the help.

markopolo 02-21-2014 11:18 AM

Re: 2006 Gulfstream MB Cruiser
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My guess on the battery capacity while boondocking would be 1 or 2 days depending on what else is used. (not very helpful I know :angel: )

Look for propane exhaust vent on the side of van where the water heater is. If there is no vent then it is probably electric.

gordonhks 02-21-2014 09:03 PM

Re: 2006 Gulfstream MB Cruiser
My first B was a Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser. It was a 2006 and it was the g24 with the middle bed and rear kitchen and bath. I owned it one month and traded it for a 2006 Roadrek RS Adventurous. I will not mince words I hated the Gulf Stream. It was poorly designed, and poorly constructed. It was however a very low cost point of entry and proved to my wife and I that we liked B style RVing enough that we were willing to put a fair amount of money into that hobby.

To your specific question regarding the refrigerator and water heater. If my memory is correct the 12 volt only refrigerator was very efficient. In fact I wondered why more converters did not use them. I do not recall, but the amp/watt draw was much lower than the three way refers. Now that having been said, I now have a 2013 GWV Legend SE with the large (huge by B standards) refrigerator. It is remarkably efficient with its use of propane. It seems to run forever on a propane fill.

I don not recall that the instant on water heater was an issue.

My main issue was the lack of useable storage. Also the model that we had had bulges in the upper rear outside of the coach to accommodate some interior mods that Gulfstream put in. I am not an aerospace engineer (but our daughter is) but it seemed to me that at highway speeds they created some turbulence that made passing or being passed by 18 wheelers a life threatening white knuckle experience.

Owning the Gulfstream for one month cost me a lot of money in depreciation when I traded it for the Roadtrek. I wish that I could have learned that lesson in a less costly fashion. Unfortunately for us we had never owned an RV, let alone a B and had no clue as to what features we would find important.

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