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Retired01 03-19-2010 12:43 PM

Do all VW dealers service the Rialta?

I previously owned a 1985 Winnebago LeSharo with a 2.5L gas engine. I could not find anyone that could repair it locally, and after some research it appeared inlikely that I would be able to find anyone to repair it while traveling . I am now looking at a 1995 Rialta with a 2.5L gas engine and I was wondering if I would experience the same problem finding parts and someone to repair it while traveling, or will VW dealerships service and repair?

steve b 05-01-2010 01:32 PM

Do all VW dealers service the Rialta?

My experience is that a VW dealership will look at the VW portion (engine, transmission, dash and associated electrical) and make repairs. Now I live in San Antonio and have a VW dealership that I have used for minor repairs to the VW portion of the coach. HOWEVER, I have heard from others (usually around a campfire) that they have had issues with dealerships not wanting to touch it because they consider it a Winnebago, not a VW.
Knock on wood I have never been completely stranded; jumped the batteries before (That'll happen if you leave the vent fan on to cool the coach while parked at Antique store for 6 hours in 100 degree south texas heat!).
I guess my 2 cents would be, don't try to do anything that would put you in harms way. Travel popular roads, during the day; If you dry-camp do it near a phone or a WalMart (you know they let you park overnight, right?).
My RV mentor always told me this about his '59 Cortez: "Any day it doesn't break down is a good one!". Good advice for an RV traveller.

Gumppy 07-23-2010 08:40 PM

Do all VW dealers service the Rialta?

Have been disappointed that our local VW dealership/service department wouldn't even take the keys out of the drop-off envelope. Didn't bother to call me to let me know they wouldn't look at it. They just blew a Jetta purchase and lost me as a potential customer for life.

2EagleEyes 08-22-2010 11:17 AM

Do all VW dealers service the Rialta?

Thanks for all the above input.. I am just in the process of purchasing a 1998 cherry Rialta and updating myself on possible upgrades and maintanance needs. Tires, service centers in Iowa (central part) etc.

Interesting to note that Wally Worlds allow overnight parking on the lots. I have seen numerous such motor homes on the far ends of Wally World lots here locally..and wondered.:confused:

So I am open for any such information. I am a new subscriber to the forum here as well. Happy trails.


BobandDi 08-22-2010 09:32 PM

Do all VW dealers service the Rialta?

We are new owners of 2001 HD and were concerned about where to get the VW fixed. When we called the dealers they said they didn't work on them; however, my husband drove it there and most of them had never seen them. They did, however, take care of us and we are very relieved. We are close to Camper World and they have been helpful on the Winnebago part.

bbaskett 04-17-2012 12:28 PM

Do all VW dealers service the Rialta?

No, not all VW dealers will work on them. There is a list available from Winnebago.

The limitation seems to be the weight and height. The repair facility must have a lift capable of the weight, and clearance for the height.

I did find however, that most dealers will preform repairs on anything they can get to under the hood, provided they don't have to put it on a lift.

Additionally, for oil changes, most Walmarts will do these, find an oil change facility that has a "pit" as opposed to having to put the vehicle on a lift.

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