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markopolo 04-08-2007 04:05 PM

Poll Suggestions? note: you must log in to vote in polls
I like looking at the poll results.

Post your Poll questions or let me know your question and I'll create the poll.

julievojo 04-09-2007 03:40 AM

How about who does most of the driving, him or her?

Do you travel with pets? Cat, Dog, Bird, Something else?

markopolo 04-09-2007 04:11 AM

Those are great! Thanks.

renrut 04-09-2007 06:49 PM

Marko, what about a poll on what people take for food and eat. Some people like to BBQ, some like fried food, some like fresh salad, those with an oven may try baking food, some like to eat at restaurants, etc. It would be interesting to see what we all eat.

markopolo 04-09-2007 09:20 PM

Good idea, but tricky to put in a poll. I'll have to figure it out.

renrut 02-15-2008 03:33 PM

I think it would be interesting to find out what types of trips people take. Do they stay in their local area, travel within their State or Province or travel throughout USA and Canada.

markopolo 02-16-2008 07:05 AM

Great idea.

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