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MJ 05-06-2015 05:02 PM

Rear window leaks

HELP! The leak under the rear driver-side window (and onto bed :() last summer during an extended hard rain - has now this spring become a leak under both rear windows from a moderate rain! The water only comes in from the very bottom of the windows.

We have searched and searched for source of leak. The windows themselves seem tight. We caulked the vent stack where it comes through the roof. The roof seems tight. We tightened the air conditioner on the roof. We see nothing!!!

Spraying it hard from the sides does not cause a leak, only rain from above. Even putting a tarp over the back roof and bunging it down tight did not prevent the leaks.

Sure hope someone out there has an idea or some experience. Please share with us. THANKS!

Jane, 2005 FD Twin

289cobra 05-31-2015 07:23 PM

Rear window leaks

There is a rubber seal between the roof and side wall. This fails, and you should caulk on the outside of the motorhome in the groove the full length of the side wall and roof. This solved my problem leak. jim

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