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rtsukijima 08-14-2015 05:32 AM

Owners locations/map

I wonder if there was any way to see on a map where all of the Rialta owners are? It would be great to find out who may be in your area for ideas for camping, getaways or just to see who is in your neck of the woods?

Threre are both US and Canadian owners here and even though I do enjoy the hearing of travels through Vermont or Pennsylvania, I would like to connect with owners who would travel closer to where I would be going.

Just my 2 cents


bigdan 08-16-2015 04:38 PM

Owners locations/map

great idea,

but some will immediately be scared !!!

I`m in St-Jean Baptiste ,Québec ......( 30 milles/50 kms , south shore of Montréal ) Montérégie !

Dan ,

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