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ClassB4Me 05-14-2016 03:43 PM

Best RV Rental for Boondocking
We are taking a week-long vacation to Lake Tahoe with 4 days at an RV resort and 3 days boondocking (100% off-grid). We have a choice of renting a Travato 59K or Roadtrek Adventurous. Both are equipped with an Onan generator and both floorplans meet our needs.

In their base forms, is one better for boondocking use? These are units less than 2 years old and appear more functional than touring coach. At first look, both seem equal but until you own own, you never know. They both look more functional than an Airstream Interstate (too high-end for us).

Any additional things to consider / thoughts from those who own either product?

gregmchugh 05-14-2016 04:32 PM

The standard Roadtrek Adventurous with two AGMs under the hood and a Tripp-Lite inverter/charger under the driver's seat and a propane fridge and using the propane Onan for battery charging would be fine for boondocking. There a few vans that Roadtrek built with the newer inverter where the Onan generator cannot be used to charge the batteries and if it happens to be one of those you are SOL when it comes to boondocking unless you have enough solar to keep the batteries charged or run the van engine to charge the batteries.

Gobird 05-14-2016 07:54 PM

I've completed three separate 3 night and 2 full day (+2 half day) boondocking trips in my 59k with solar in the last 30 days. I have also had to run the furnace each night except one as the temps were down to as low as the mid 20's. Still unsure of where 50% SOC is on the panels in the 59k, but I usually started the genny when voltage was indicated at @ 12.2v. According to manual, that should be about 50% SOC. If the day was to be sunny, I would run the genny @ 1hr+ in the morning, then another 1 - 2hr before going to bed. Never close to running out of propane.
What I found to be limited was the fresh water. Starting with full fresh tank (@25gal), and 7 more gallons in containers, it was just enough to last 2 adults and 2 large dogs for the trip. No showers were taken. Would be necessary to replenish water if a 4th night was in the plan. Actually, each trip has been 4 nights, only the 4th has been with electric/showers, sanitary station to dump and replenish.
Looking forward to our next trip next weekend. We've learned something on each trip.
Oh, BTW, my genny now has 20hrs (change break in oil) after said trips and @ 2 hrs have been test/practice run.
It's been very enjoyable for us, and many thanks are due all of you that have shared your experiences so that so much can be learned before you ever take the drivers seat.
Have fun!

Keyne 05-15-2016 12:01 AM

My wife and I are looking into B rentals and having some difficulty finding rental companies. If you don't mind me asking; what rental company are you using? We would love to rent a Travato.

techfan 05-15-2016 10:31 PM


Originally Posted by Keyne (Post 44341)
My wife and I are looking into B rentals and having some difficulty finding rental companies. If you don't mind me asking; what rental company are you using? We would love to rent a Travato.

There are not many places renting Travatos, especially K's. We flew from Portland, OR to Las Vegas to specifically rent a 59g. Best Time RV was great to rent from. They also have a branch in CA. We rented for a week to try it out. A K would be our preference but the G let us try the solar, the Truma system, the generator and dual batteries. We did like the ride and handling of the Promaster. Most rental places don't rent the K's we were informed because of the two person limit. Best Time was about the only Travato rental place I could find anywhere. Good luck in your search.

Keyne 05-16-2016 11:55 PM

Awesome thanks for the info!

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