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markopolo 11-16-2007 04:33 AM

Poll question and answers - very interesting to read
I was reading thru the Polls on the forum and found it very interesting. A "picture" of typical Class B RV use is developing.

Most members on this forum own a Class B Motorhome (93%). More members (57%) purchased a used Class B Van than a new one (42%). Most members (50%) prefer to use a campground shower if available. 27% don’t use the shower in the van at all and 22% use the shower in the van regularly.

37% do most of their cooking outside of their van. For 31% it is a 50/50 split - inside & outside and 31% do most of their cooking inside. 63% use traditional sheets / blanket / comforter for bedding. 18% use a sleeping bag and 18% use a Travasak or similar product.

57% have more than one house battery. 42% have one house battery. 82% have a built-in generator. 5% carry a portable generator and 11% do not have a generator. The male drives the RV the most (86%). 6% share the driving equally.

57% of Sprinter owners experience some buffeting when driving in windy conditions. 28% describe it as “nearly undriveable”. For 14% the wind is not a problem. 71% of Class B Forum members have only needed to use their Class B Van’s spare tire once in the last ten years and 28% used it once in the last five years.

27% only drink bottled water. 22% have a water filter. Only 14% drain their water heater after most trips. 56% travel with pets. 69% won't change their RV usage because of increases in the price of fuel. 66% drive with their fridge on propane.

64% continue to use their Class B Motorhome in the winter. 50% put RV anti-freeze in their fresh water tank and 50% bypass the fresh water tank and add RV anti-freeze into the system at the water pump.

Admittedly, the sample size of some polls is low so the conclusions drawn might not be accurate but nevertheless still very interesting to read.

If you haven’t participated in the polls I encourage you to do so.


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