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g1g 05-16-2008 06:55 PM

Satalite TV & Internet
I have heard that you can get a dish that can access satalite TV and internet signel. Does anyone have details and cost as well as how good and fast of a signal you get?

VernM 05-17-2008 06:47 PM

No one has answered you as yet, so I'll try. You can get a setup that will give you both Internet connectivity (two way) and satellite TV programs on one dish. It is, however, a bulky and permanent fixture that will have to dominate the top of your "B" and will cost you, likely, $100 a month and more for services and the convenience of auto pointing, etc.

The alternative is separate dishes for Internet (Hughes or Starband, which doesn't want mobile installations) and the Dish or Direct TV setup. Inside would be a modem for the Internet and a receiver plus TV or Laptop with TV software.

If you want to explore it more, just ask. I do have both but don't take both along on any but extended tours. Mine is a tripod-mounted Internet system plus the smaller satellite dish that also has to be pointed and set up each stop, if you want that service. Most don't want to mess with all of that.

g1g 05-17-2008 11:13 PM

I thought all you needed was a second transducer? on the same dish and my thoughts were that I could use it at home and take it out in th B. The price of $100 is a little more than I want to pay even for both services but I guess depending on the internet speeds that is close to the going rate whan you add cable or direct tv service to it.

VernM 05-18-2008 12:41 AM

It gets more complicated than that. Both Dish and Directway have taken to providing additional channels by using additional satellites and introducing the need to "skew" or split the distance between them when aiming to get more than one. With Internet two-way via dish, you have to be dead on to the assigned transponder on the assigned satellite and then transmit the 1-watt signal up with a phase shift in signal from received (horizontal versus vertical). That's more than you likely want to know but it gives you an idea of the details involved in setting up the system and reliabily aiming it.

The larger motor homes use mostly Datastorm and MotoSat systems installed by vendors and automatic in their sataellite acquiition and aiming. You have likely seen them in parks or campgrounds. It would take all of that on your roof to do an automatic one, plus modem inside.I note that many of them also have roof-mounted TV domes or remote aiming systems for their television since more than one satellite is usually involved.

To have a system you can also use at home for satellite two-way Inetrnet service, you will be using what is called a "tripod" system. You have to set it up, find the satellite by lat. and long., aim, acquire a two-way signal with the satellite service and then take it all down to move when you move on. That is what I have. It really doesn't take so long once you understand and have done it a few times. I average about 15 minutes getting set up and going and about the same tearing it down. The antenna dish (0.75 meter diameter) and its hardware break down into two pieces. The tripod folds and there are, with mine, three round cement garden pavers to steady it once erect. It all weighs around 50-75 pounds, I guess, and rides in my little rolling closet-trailer. It will run off the generator where there is no electrical hookup. The Internet speeds are not blazing but better than many ADSLs and fast enough for some to use in business, if they pay more than I do for speed and bandwidth.

g1g 05-18-2008 07:58 PM

Could a bracket be mounted to the bumper or someplace that you can just stick the dish in then aim it? My thought was something like that and the same one my house so I just drop it in and aim it.
I realize that I wouldn't be able to be totally in the shade all the time but if it just during the evening/night it wouldn't matter.

VernM 05-18-2008 09:48 PM

No, I don't believe you can satisfactorily use a vehicle-mounted pipe for the Interet satellite system. It won't be stable enough. It has to be rock steady and 100 percent level in order to locate the satellite and hold the setting once you've gotten it.

That, likely, would work for the little satellite TV antennas, but not for the much larger and much more bulky Internet dish with its three-axis mounting hardware and all.

This address will take you to some pictures that will give you some idea of size and complexity. Once at the site, click on "Tripod"

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