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mangomike 02-20-2019 08:00 PM

On Hymer Roadtrek
okay, so I had a couple of parts on order to do a repair through one of the big RV guys. Those folks didn't seem to know much about what was going on, and showed little initiative in finding out,so I did a little digging for myself.
It's hard for me to believe that people in the RV sales and repair business aren't better informed, or at least curious.
Below is the name of the legal firm handling the receivership

I think if you copy and paste the above ,,,,you'll have all the information that is being made public.
I didn't post this in the other roadtrek thread because,it's getting a bit long and I thought this might just get lost. The letter to the employees pretty much spells out the company situation.
I'm not expecting to get my parts in anything like the near future. This guess is only based on how long things take in the USA .
hopefully at some point someone will pick up the pieces, and we will be able to get the parts that are Roadtrek priority parts.
I hope the URL helps answer some of the questions and rumors floating around. The left-hand side of the site might be worth returning to,,,, to see how things are progressing.
Lastly,, if anyone knows of a RV salvage yard could you please post it in this thread.
I'm looking for the driver's side drawer panel four at 210,,, the plastic body part/trim. And, a couple of other things that are Roadtrek specific.
it's really too bad,,,
keep on truckin'

mangomike 02-20-2019 08:05 PM

I'm not exactly sure what happened to the URL but I'll post it again

mlts22 02-21-2019 01:29 PM

I think the best hope for some RT parts is to see about finding someone with working items, having someone with a 3D scanner have them scanned and made into STL files, so one can print replacements using a 3D printer.

Note: Don't print 3D parts for a vehicle using PLA, as it will warp and deform in a hot car. You really need a material like fiberglass reinforced nylon, nylon or PETg to ensure the parts stay in place.

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