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Roadtrek Adventuous RS1 07-01-2019 11:01 PM

How are the roads along the Oregon Coast near Tillamook to Pacific City?
We're thinking of taking a trip to this area and I've never been there...

Does anyone know what the roads are like as well as the roads in the Redwoods in California?

Also, I've heard that Portland Oregon is a nigthmare to drive in... if you've been there as well, I'd appreciate any information you can share.

Lennie 07-03-2019 06:26 AM

I drove from Southern California through the redwoods and up the Oregon coast to Cannon Beach about 9 months ago. It's really beautiful!

Hwy 101 through the redwoods had some wash outs from previous heavy rain a couple of years ago but most of it had been repaired. Oregon has excellent roads in most areas of the coast, Tillamook the roads were a little rougher but still considerably better than Southern California or Bay Area roads. They may have repaved those by now, they were working on the roads all along the coast of Oregon. Northern California Hwy 1 had a lot of washouts 2 years ago, rough roads.

There are lots of great hikes through the redwoods, long or short, near roads or off the beaten path. The rangers in Crescent City are very helpful, when I told them I was in a RV they told me the best places to park (fairly level parking in the shade) and the hikes in those areas. This last time I specifically wanted to see Fern Canyon because I didn't have time before (between Orick and Crescent City), you can't drive a RV to it, we rented a car and then washed the car because it was filthy (it's several miles of dirt road and you have to cross a creek or two).

It's easy to find free tourist magazines that lists things to see and do, Mile-by-Mile Guide (Oregon and parts of California and Washington) and 101 Things to Do (parts of Oregon and California). They are pretty helpful, I've used them for 2 trips so far. Oregon visitor centers are very helpful too.

I hope this helps.

disccopy 07-07-2019 05:45 PM

Be sure to stop at the Tillamook dairy..The best cheese & ice cream!!

Lennie 07-07-2019 06:04 PM

I second the Tillamook dairy visit, love the Reserve cheese (which is a little hard to find in the stores where I live)

RobertB 07-07-2019 07:23 PM

Pacific City is a great place to stop. If you wish you can even drive onto the Beach there. One of the few places where dories are still launched from the beach as well. Cape Kiwanda is amazing and it's easy to travel from Tillamook to Pacific City. Tillamook cheese has completely redone their facility in the last few years and is a wonderful visit. There are several routes to Pacific City, we've camped at the Thousand Trails there.

RossWilliams 07-07-2019 10:24 PM

The roads are very good in that area and all the way up the coast from there. Its a beautiful area.

Not sure why people would say Portland is a nightmare to drive. Like most cities, the freeways are crowded with lots of congestion, especially during peak periods. And, like most older cities, local streets are not very wide with cars parked on both sides. But as urban centers go, I didn't find it particularly difficult to drive. I wouldn't hesitate to take my Sprinter RV there. On the other hand, I mostly took transit, walked and road my bike when I lived there. But I do that in any city and wouldn't try to park my oversized RV downtown.

disccopy 07-08-2019 02:46 PM

Lennie, Your lucky you can even find the reserve cheese. None available here in this part of the midwest :(

Bobow 07-09-2019 01:44 AM

Oregon coast can be windy. Warning signs posted in windy areas.

Lennie 07-09-2019 07:12 AM

Sometimes Vons has it. I buy if I see it. Online it says Costco and Target have it, haven't seen it there but never looked either.

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