Advanced RV - Alvar
Photos of our 2015 Advanced RV 3500 Sprinter van named Alvar. Discussion found in this thread.
Inside Screen Tent
Screen Tent Winnie Dam CG
2017 Indy 500 Parking
Ikea Slat Beds
South Padre Island KOA Campsite
Alvar Bath Skylight
MaxxAir Fan Insulated Cover
Comfort Hot Glycol - Electric Hydraulic Furnace
Emergency Heat for Lithium batteries
Hi Jolly BLM CG Quartzsite AZ
Callie on Stair Landing
Perfect Kitty Litter Fit
Refrigerator Ventilation Fans
Walmart Osceola Iowa
Wardrobe Door Open with safe.
Reserve Site
2019 Sprinter Model Overview
Woodenfrog SF CG with Screen Tent
Nike Wash with Alvar
TPMS and Valve Stem
Grand Isle Roof Inspection
Alvar's Fruit Net on the underside of the galley cabinets held up to 3M Command hooks. The net is from Bass Pro Shops.
Alvar Bath Shower Head. Note the separate hot/cold/on/off control above and the shower head
Nancy at the flip down computer desk and flipped around driver's seat.
Alvar Back Storage with two zero gravity chairs.

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