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Default Warranty Duration vs Down Time for Dealer Repairs

Reading some of the threads about downtime while a unit is in the dealer's service bay awaiting the builder to approve a repair/small part purchase or just for the dealer to give the unit service attention...made me think of my NEW Fleetwood IROK being in the La Mesa shop for 90 days on warranty repairs on things from the Espar heater to the awning. Midwest Automotive/Fleetwood approved all repairs so I am not sure what caused all the delays. Considering they had the unit for 90 days; can I expect them to extend the warranty coverage for 90 days as well? If this is not a "given"; do I go back to the builder to make my case for this?

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Originally Posted by DesertCanuck View Post
Considering they had the unit for 90 days; can I expect them to extend the warranty coverage for 90 days as well? If this is not a "given"; do I go back to the builder to make my case for this?
That's a good one!

Sorry for the sarcasm, but honestly, the sooner you come to realize that the coach warranty has extremely limited value, the happier you will be.

Not saying that you shouldn't attempt what you suggest. Just don't get your hopes up. If it is not in the contract (and it won't be), they have no obligations of this sort and any such adjustment would be "goodwill", which varies greatly by manufacturer.

Probably better to spend your time learning to be self-sufficient.

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I've not heard of any case where items repaired under warranty extend the original warranty period. Likewise, repairs (once approved within the warranty period) do not expire just because the wait on repair or parts take it past the warranty.

So just be sure to get your repairs approved within the rv makers' or appliance makers' original warranty. That period should have begun at the time of your purchase.

Good luck.
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DesertCanuck, Friends purchased a 5th wheel trailer from LaMesa RV in Mesa, AZ, and found they often "store" their trailer there for months waiting for warranty work.
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Maybe it is time for everyone to start demanding a loaner RV to be included if repairs take over a certain time, in the contract when they originally buy the RV.
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The reviews for LaMesa RV are pretty bad. When I acquired my used Roadtrek from a family member it was still under warranty and had a few issues. I hesitated after reading the reviews and ended up paying a reputable local independent shop to do some of the work rather than risk tangling with that outfit (and dealing with the logistics of a 3-hour drive). Downtime was minimal. The rest I did myself, and a few minor things I decided to live with.

Turned out to be a good call, because Roadtrek went belly up just a few week after I had planned to take it in. Pretty sure I'd have been left holding the bag.

Appliances are covered by their own separate warranties, and you may be able to locate an authorized independent repair shop. Don’t know about a less common unit like the Espar. You have to be careful, though. If it turns out to be installation error rather than a product defect, it falls under the coach warranty.

RV quality issues and warranty delays are well documented. Consumer protections are weak. I certainly would not look for much love from Fleetwood or LaMesa RV. At least with a Class B you're not usually dealing with major structural issues. Get what you can, keep the pressure on, document well, but be prepared in the end to take your ball and go home.
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Neighbor bought a new Pleasure Way at La Mesa (chandler?)

he had considerable downtime the first year due to warranty fixes

I really don't know if the issues were:

vehicle build

coach build quality

component quality ( fridge)

or on the dealer as prep

I didn't want to get into it, but neighbor was po'd

however a year later his daughter bought another PW at same LaMesa...

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I think warranties are limited. Like an insurance policy. If the insurance company has made enough money on policies, they may elect to pay for repairs? To me, it is only as good as the dealer and company willing to support the buyer. Warranties are only an indication of the manufacture's willing to stand behind what they have assembled. If someone is willing to warranty their product for 5 years as opposed to 1 year. To me it says something about them. Now whether they actually honor what they say is another story. They may advertise a good warranty but have no intent to honor it. At least, they are willing to say, " We stand behind what we manufacture until you complain too much".

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