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Default Pleasure Way Lexor/Class B Initial Impressions

We're long time campers with many different models through the years but new to class B camping. It's my wife and I and 80#dog. Here are some initial impressions after taking out the van for two trips.
1. It's tight. Especially with the dog at night. We particularly selected the PW Lexor as we thought it gave us the best floor space. It's best if the dog sleeps on the raised platform in the front lounge. Also, we are learning our organization skills to pack efficiently. I am adding shelves in the closet as well as the under sink cabinet.
2. We're struggling with the sheets. My wife has sewed specially fitted sheets; one full to fit the entire sofa bed then two smaller for the bench seats. The ultra leather is very slick and we find the sheets come loose very easily. We'll probably try some sort of velcro combination next.
3. The air conditioner is loud. One night was very hot and we slept with the air on. It's right overhead and disruptively loud.
4. 3 way fridge. I've found the fridge works superb on propane (when camped) or on battery (when driving) but I've had trouble 'pre-cooling' the fridge on electric while still at home on our driveway. It is on a slope but PW folks say it should cool fine while on electric even though not level. I have found it shuts off. PW thinks I have interrupted the electric supply and since it's not automatic, I need to manually turn it on again. I'll try to take more care prior to our next trip.
5. The 6 cylinder Dodge struggled with wind on the highway. I was trying to maintain 68mph and it was down shifting regularly. A rough mileage check was 13.5. I have a covered trailer and motorcycle which I plan on towing (1950lbs) but am having second thoughts.
6. Our first night out rained and we found wet sand was ruining our carpeted ledge behind the passenger seat. We need a rug there to protect it.
7. PW build quality is excellent. Our only issue is with the bathroom taps--the diverter doesn't work and water comes out the shower when turning on the faucet. The Ask Pleasure Way rep is sending out another faucet. This really isn't an issue with PW build however and we are very pleased with the quality workmanship.
8. We're learning about the battery, charger, and inverter. This is new to us and it's a real education. I found a blog 'Can I leave this on' dated March 12, 2019 to be great information.

The jury is still out on whether this is the best for us. It's our only vehicle when we're camped and not sure if a separate car and trailer might be better. Hope I didn't ramble too much and look forward to any suggestions others may have.

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I enjoyed reading your initial impressions report, best of luck to you with settling into your van. I could not find the “can I leave this on” blog with a google search. Can you provide a link? I’m trying educate myself in all things electrical as well. Many thanks!

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I can almost hear your dog grumbling "I had more room in those other rigs!"

You might wanna look into getting those combined sleeping systems (i.e. glorified sleeping bags)
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Not sure about your fridge situation. Mine runs best on 120, then propane, then 12v. None of the old style fridges like unlevel conditions. If it's a Dometic fridge I'd consult the manual. I've read that it shouldn't appear too unlevel to you visually. Another thing I read is that if you use a bubble level, the bubble should at least touch part of the "centering circle" on the level. So if your drive has a mild slope, both of these conditions should be satisfied and, PW is correct. But if it's a steep slope maybe not.

Re the beds/bedding. We use sleeping bags as "mattress toppers." You may be able to secure something like that on top of your cushions to prevent sheet movement.

Also wind conditions plague all Bs to some extent. Many RVers won't drive in heavy winds.
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We have an Xalta, 24 foot and at times travel, with three dogs each weighing 60 pounds. We learn to step over a lot. Our couches are our twin beds so we can use an rv size twin set and a rv mattress cover so easy to stay on and use a nice cover for day use as a couch. We put shelves in the wardrobe and that gave us much needed storage. We have learned what is absolute necessities. We did put a screen on the back door so we can open it up and give us more light and not so small feeling. Enjoy your travels and you will learn as you go along.
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Congratulations on getting your new rig! I have a 2017 PW Lexor TS and love it, as you will your FL.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but one of your comments suggests that off-level fridge operation is okay when the power source is electrical, rather than LPG. That's not the case--when it's being used, and regardless of operating mode, the fridge should be level at all times, within the tolerances given in your fridge manual. In my case, that's plus-or-minus 3 degrees fore-and-aft, and plus-or-minus 6 degrees side-to-side. I'm pretty sure yours is the same. You get a free pass while driving, unless you're tackling an exceptionally long and steep grade, but I have to confess that I never turn the fridge off when in motion.

As to dogs, we're always accompanied by two Labs. While the space is indeed tight, we and the dogs are used to it and do fine.
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Congratulations on your Lexor. We have a 2018 Lexor TS and wrote the Can I leave this on blog post. My creative wife made fitted sheets for the ottomans and we nailed Velcro to the cushion backs for the hook side and she sewed the loop side to the sheets. We use a twin bed fitted sheet of the same pattern to go on the couch. She made an extra wide top sheet to cover the whole (wider than a queen size) bed. We roll the sheets, blanket, and comforter up and put them in a hammock that suspends behind the couch and hooks into the seat belt tabs. We will do a blog post on the method when we have better connectivity. Currently three months into a wander around North America spending tonight in Elk Point, Alberta.
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Jim, I don't think that the response of the fridge to being on a slope differs no matter what the source of energy. In all cases, be it propane, 12vdc or 110vac the objective is to create source of heat to support circulation of the solution within the refrigeration system.

The only thing I recall reading from Dometic about the reasonable inclination levels for correct operation of their absorption fridges is 3 degrees side to side and 6 degrees back to front. These figures relate to the the fridge itself, not the vehicle.

So if the fridge in mounted along one side of the RV when the RV is parked on a slope, then that slope should be no more than about 3 degrees.

That is just about what my driveway is and the fridge seems to work fine when plugged in to 110vac when parked on our drive.

You might want to confirm what the slope of your drive actually is - it may be that you fridge would be outside these limits and not perform well on your drive no no matter
the source of energy.

Just my thoughts! Could be something entirely different!

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Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions. I have learned:
1) When pre-cooling the fridge before our departure, I will put our unit out onto the street where it's level, then plug in using an extension cord.
2) Others have had frustrations with the bedsheets. Really like/look fwd to SvIntuitions creativity with the velcro (our idea as well) and upcoming blog. Your hammock sounds amazing. As for the bags/superbags/liners, we thought we'd take a ride to our local REI and see what they may have available. They may not fit the bill but it's at least a start.
3). Upfitters Resource sells a quiet, roof mount a/c. We really aren't a/c people and much prefer the screens down with the side and back doors open but it's good to know this is an option should the heat and humidity be too much.
4). I need to ease up on the accelerator. I'm recently retired and this concept of time is still lost on me.
5). We need to hit the road more!

Thanks again. This forum is really helpful to make the whole Class B thing much more enjoyable. Much appreciated!

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